Minimum wage Amazon delivery driver ditches job to become MILLIONAIRE – teaching himself how to trade in CRYPTOCURRENCY.


A former Amazon delivery driver has ditched his minimum wage job and become a millionaire after teaching himself how to trade in cryptocurrency.

Kaif Bhatty, 28, from West Drayton, London, scraped by in school, claiming teachers would “humiliate and belittle” him in front of his classmates.

Kaif Bhatty in Dubai

After graduating from university in 2017, he ended up working up to 14-hour days dropping off packages for Amazon.

Kaif felt deflated and dreaded working for the minimum wage his entire life.

Kaif Bhatty graduating in 2017 (Picture: Jam Press)

During this period he discovered a prolific crypto blogger who mentioned that an emerging coin called Verge was on the up.

Kaif Bhatty when he was a child (Picture: Jam Press)

Kaif looked into it further before he decided to invest his entire savings account – £700 – into it.

It quickly skyrocketed in price to £30,000 at its peak and the investment changed the course of Kaif’s future – as he handed in his notice there and then.

“I couldn’t believe it – I’d never had anywhere near that amount of money in my life before, ” Kaif, who shares tips on Instagram (@kb_ttp), told

Kaif Bhatty with his G-Wagon in Dubai (Picture: Jam Press)

“I said to myself ‘there’s no way I’m doing this crap for Amazon anymore’ and quit there and then.

“It caused some issues because my van wasn’t in the right depot but I wasn’t fussed and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter.

“At that moment I thought to myself that I’d earned more money in a day than my regular job would in a year.

“It was an amazing realisation of what was possible and motivated me to explore further into crypto.

“I’ve never been interested in being rich for the sake of it but for the freedom it gives you. I decided then and there that I wanted more and set my mind to achieving it.”

Unfortunately, Kaif’s first win was short-lived – with the coin rapidly dropping in value, as he ended up with just a meagre £300 at one point.

But he was determined to do better, putting all his time and energy into it. Kaif said: “I knew that I was at a crossroads; I could either continue down the minimum wage path or leave it entirely.

Kaif Bhatty with his G-Wagon in Dubai (Picture: Jam Press)

“I became obsessed with crypto and learning how to make money through trading, wanting to do it full-time.

“I was studying for a master’s degree at the time and decided to put it on hold – I locked myself in a cave and all I really cared for at that time was trading.

“Even though I was lucky the first time, after that taste of success I was determined to do more.”

Luckily, the risk paid off and Kaif’s income steadily increased – with the entrepreneur hitting £10,000 within weeks of his initial trade.

Eight months after quitting his Amazon job, he made £500,000 and another year later, Kaif became a millionaire.

He said: “There were times when I steadily increased the capital and then I would see a huge gain – but then a bigger loss could occur.

“I learned to stick to risk management, which is make or break in this industry, sticking to a pragmatic formula – and reaching £100,000 in profit within four months.

Kaif Bhatty showing his trades on his laptop whilst flying first class (Picture: Jam Press)

“I would love to say that it felt amazing, which it did, but it was very short-lived because crypto is very fast-paced.

“So then it was about the next milestone and the next one and the one after that.

“It was hard to balance my emotions but I knew I just had to be consistent and get to £500,000.

“It wasn’t just one trade but a steady incline.”

Since becoming a millionaire, Kaif has moved to Dubai where he has a contacts book “rammed full” of clients asking for his advice on crypto and trading.

He has bought himself a $500,000 USD (£417,000) penthouse apartment and drives a $250,000 (£209,000) Mercedes G Wagon.

Kaif explained: “My parents had no idea what crypto was so they were a bit hesitant about me just jacking everything in to pursue it.

“They warned me that it could be a fool’s errand and I could end up losing everything.

“But at the same time they saw how determined I was and they weren’t going to stand in my way – so they just offered words of advice and supported me like they always have.

“When they saw the success I had, all those worries instantly evaporated. I’m able to enjoy the life I always dreamed of and can do things I could only imagine on my previous salary.

“They’re incredibly proud of what I have achieved at such a young age and are equally proud that I haven’t let it go to my head because I am still the kind, caring person I have always been.”

Kaif Bhatty (Picture: Jam Press)

Kaif is also committed to giving back to people from similar backgrounds.

He added: “Going through what I have gone through at school has given me a lot of empathy but there are a lot of people who have it much worse.

“I want to use my energy to help people with whom I can see similarities from my past.”

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