‘People say I look like GOLLUM – I think it’s funny,’ reveals woman, 21, with HUGE eyes

A woman has gone viral on TikTok thanks to her incredibly large eyes – which trolls have likened to that of Lord of the Rings’ Gollum.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok thanks to her incredibly large eyes – which trolls have likened to that of Lord of the Rings’ Gollum.

While Samantha McNab, 21, has always been complimented for her unusual eyes, her videos became wildly popular on the app – where people are stunned by their size.

The student, who is from New York but studies in Florida, shares clips of her trademark pose – staring wide-eyed and blank-faced into the camera – and has racked up millions of views as a result.

Pictured: Samantha McNab. (Credit: Jam Press)

“People say all kinds of crazy things about who or what I look like – I’ve gotten everything from Tim Burton characters, bugs, Nicole Richie, Mr Bean, Gollum, cartoon characters… there’s almost nothing I haven’t heard before,” Samantha told NeedToKnow.online.

“A lot of my comments are usually people thinking that I have thyroid problems or Grave’s disease – which I don’t. I’ve gotten tested in the past, big eyes are just in my genes and run in my family.

“I find a lot of comments pretty funny. I mean even I think the things that I can do with my eyes and the way I look can be weird and kind of scary, but people love it.”

Her most popular video, a compilation of short clips of her staring at the camera, has been viewed 22 million times and racked up 2.4 million likes.

She captioned it: “The last one is terrifying.”

Brittany Furlan said: “Ok hear me out: Mr. Bean’s cute daughter.”

David Nikoleta commented: “Eh, what do you want from me? What do you want? PLEEEAAASSEE.” [sic]

“‘The last one if terrifying’ girl all of them are gonna haunt me,” user Jorja joked.

Someone else joked: “This is how my mom used to look at me when I’d act up in public.”

“Me tryna stay awake in class,” quipped another viewer. [sic]

Other users likened her to a “Tim Burton character”.

Pictured: A video grab of Samantha’s big eyes through time. (Credit: Jam Press)

One person commented: “I’m so impressed by this but I have this insane fear of my eyeballs popping out so seeing this gives me extreme anxiety but it’s so goddamn funny.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” another person joked.

Someone else wrote: “I bet you can get contacts in super easy.”

“Is this real?” user Anjie asked.

“You’re gonna get into my soul,” another person said.

Samantha also says she receives comments from other women with large eyes – and she loves nothing more than giving them a confidence boost.

She added: “I’ve gotten so many direct messages and comments from young girls saying how they have big eyes and have always been made fun of or bullied for it but my videos help give them the confidence they need. That to me is the most rewarding.

“I tell them that I love having this unique thing about me that allows me to stand out from other people in a good way – so why not embrace it?”

Pictured: A video grab of Samantha defending her huge eyes by lip-syncing to Big Weenie by Eminem. (Credit: Jam Press)

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