Artist creates incredible mosaic apple made from 10,000 SWEETS

It’s true what they say – an apple day keeps the doctor away…especially a candy one!
A red apple can be seen on a canvas with a black background within an art studio.

An artist has shared his latest mosaic masterpiece of an apple – made entirely from 10,000 different sweets.

Kevin Champeny previously hit the headlines after revealing a colourful chandelier crafted from 8,500 acrylic gummy bears, which was inspired by the Nickelodeon teen sitcom, iCarly.

Now, the 48-year-old has shared his creation of an apple on canvas with 10,000 various sweets, as well as a humongous dollar bill made from 80,000 painkillers.

Pink, orange and white coloured sweets of different shapes can be seen with a hand picking one up.
He painstakingly places and glues 10,000 sweets together to create the canvas (Picture: Jam Press)

He shared the apple sculpture on TikTok and Instagram this week, racking up over 20 million views and one million likes.

“Depending on size and complexity, my pieces can take anywhere from a few weeks to a full year,” Kevin, from Long Island, New York, US, told .

“I wanted to create a style of art that combined my love of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture into one cohesive and truly interactive piece.

“I do not explain my work, as I allow the audience to derive meaning based on their life experiences.

“This is the last part of the art – audience participation.”

In the clip, titled: “10,000 candies later,” a woman reaches over to the masterpiece, which is amongst other pieces of art.

Kevin is shown working on a piece which is black and white of a man's face with a beard and sunglasses, with the picture in the background for reference.
Some of his creations can take a few weeks and others, which can take up to a year (Picture: Jam Press)

She then takes a red piece of candy and pops it into her mouth, before the camera zooms into the canvas.

As the details become clearer, the multi-coloured and different-shaped pieces of candy are revealed.

Users have flocked to the comment section to share their reactions, with many left in awe, while others were concerned.

“Imagine the ants,” James said.

Someone else added: “Doesn’t it get spoiled? Or eaten by ants? Do you put a protection?” [sic]

“You mean 9,999 candies later,” one person said.

Another user added: “Imagine the bugs.”

“This is SO COOL OMG,” the ice cream brand, Drumstick, commented. [sic]

One user added: “A CANDY APPLE.”

Kevin, who actually designed the apple piece in 2018 but reshared this week, chose mosaics as his medium for this piece, as he likes the illusion it creates – and it’s not the first piece of this type that he’s done.

A 100 dollar bill is shown made from 80,000 painkillers glued together.
He’s also made a huge dollar bill with 80,000 painkillers (Picture: Jam Press)

Previously, he crafted an American flag made up of 44,450 army men figurines and another candy-based sculpture called “A Rose By Any Other Name” which used 15,000 acrylic pieces.

Kevin added: “You have to be very close to the mosaic to see what the pieces actually are.

“Then, you need to physically move away for the overall image to come into view.

“My favourite piece is titled ‘What Remains’ and is the side view of a skull on a black background.

“It’s constructed out of nearly 30,000 flowers.

“I love skull imagery and it was the first large piece I made to really tackle the duality of life and death.”