Man snaps UFO while taking selfie at sand dunes


A tourist inadvertently snapped a UFO while taking a selfie at some sand dunes in the desert.

Ramiro Navarro said he didn’t notice the mysterious object in the background of his photo for several weeks.

He took the snap while visiting the Dunes of Bilbao in Coahuila, Mexico.

Ramiro Navarro inadvertently snapped a UFO in the background (Photo: Jam Press)

Navarro said: “A few weeks ago, I went to the Bilbao Dunes.

“What do you think?”

He joked: “They saw me and did not take me away.”

A suspected alien aircraft is seen on the horizon in the background.

Ramiro Navarro was visiting the Dunes of Bilbao in Coahuila, Mexico (Photo: Jam Press)

One local said: “UFO, of course!”

Dianne commented: “Here where I live, we also saw it.

“Take me away cousin.”

Frida wrote: “I know people nearby who saw it at the dam, several times already.”

Ed joked: “It was me in a Tesla.”

In April this year, a goblin foetus was allegedly found in a disused warehouse in Mexico.

The bizarre specimen was discovered during construction work in the historical town of Santa María Regla, northeast of Mexico City

A ‘goblin foetus’ was found in a disused warehouse (Photo: Jam Press)

Municipal mayor Francisco Mayoral Flores said the mummified remains could be from a “goblin or a nagual.”

In Mesoamerican mythology, a nagual is a human with the ability to shape-shift into an animal counterpart.

It is being exhibited at the Museo de los Duendes – translated as Goblin Museum – in the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo.

It has a small body, four limbs, a disfigured face with a pronounced nose, claws, and a tail.

Huasca de Ocampo is a well known region for legends related to goblins, naguals and other mythical Mayan entities such as aluxes.

The mayor said: “If it had been found in another municipality, it would not have been relevant. “But due to the themes of goblins and the mystical here, there is a cultural and social demand to give it importance.”

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