UFO leaves mysterious light trails in night sky

“Could it be the Flash fighting with Superman?”

A suspected UFO has been spotted darting around the night sky leaving mysterious light trails.

The possible alien craft arched in the air.

It seemed to vanish after each manoeuvre before appearing in the sky again.

At one point, the nippy object flew from the mountain range in the distance and passed straight over the CCTV camera.

It was similar to the ending to the 1985 ‘Back to the Future’ movie starring Michael J Fox.

CCTV footage of the alleged UFO sighting (Video: Jam Press)

The surveillance camera is set up at the Aztec pyramid of El Tepozteco in the town of Tepoztlán, located south of Mexico City, Mexico.

The footage was filmed on the evening of 25 June.

One local said: “Looks like a highway up there.”

Another added: “They look like cylindrical UFOs”

Tepoztlán has a history of UFO sightings (Photo: Jam Press)

Kathy commented: “What speed.”

Fer joked: “Could it be the Flash fighting with Superman?”

Yet Daniel surmised: “They are insects and it looks like this because the camera only has a few frames per second.”

Yin said: “They’re called fireflies.”

Tepoztlán has a history of UFO sightings and some locals believe the town is a hotbed for alien activity.

Many residents have claimed to have spotted UFOs over the Sierra de Tepoztlán mountain range and around the Pyramid of El Tepozteco — built by the Aztecs to honour the god of the alcoholic drink pulque.

Videos of alleged UFO sightings in the town date back to the early 1990s.

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