Woman returns from holiday to find new wall in kitchen with CORPSE concealed inside


A woman returned from holiday to find a new wall in her kitchen that had a corpse concealed inside.

She had travelled to her native Algeria for six months and had let out the apartment to a couple.

She returned to her pad in the suburb of Livry-Gargan, Paris, France, on 9 July.

When she entered her flat, she found a low wall that was constructed in her kitchen during her absence.

According to local reports, the wall was one metre (3.3ft) high, 1.5 metres (4.9ft) long and 40cm (15.7 ins) wide.

The homeowner returned to her flat in Livry-Gargan, Paris, on 9 July (Photo: Jam Press)

The woman also noticed a strong smell of bleach around the wall along with dozens of flies buzzing around.

Suspicious of the scene, she immediately contacted the police.

Officers arrived at the home and smashed a hole into the low wall.

Cops then noticed the presence of maggots and other creepy crawlies along with a blanket covering something concealed inside.

After smashing down the rest of the wall, the police found the dead body of a man in the fetal position.

The woman found a low wall constructed in her kitchen (Photo: Jam Press)

The victim was found in an advanced state of decomposition and the authorities are waiting for the results of an autopsy to identify him and establish his exact cause of death.

The matter is being investigated by the police of Seine-Saint-Denis, a French department located in the Grand Paris metropolis.

The homeowner told the police that she only knew the couple by their first names and that the husband was supposed to carry out some reforms while she was away.

On 10 July, the local authorities stated that no arrests have been made yet.

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