Escaped python found outside universssssity

A python has been found outside of a uni building.

A python has been found outside of a uni building.

The scaly visitor is believed to be an escaped pet.

It was spotted at a bus stop directly outside the entrance to the University of Sussex.

One brave passerby spotted the snake and brought it to a local vets, also in Brighton.

The reptile is believed to be a Royal Python – which can reach up to 6ft (1.82m) in length.

The snake was found outside the university (Credit: Jam Press)

They are a non-venomous species of snake and can cost up to £850.

They constrict their prey and can eat rodents like rats and mice,

It was taken to Coastway Vets.

Vets checked over the snake who appears to be in good condition.

However, they have urged the owner to come forward.

The python will stay at the vets for seven days but if they can’t find the owner it will have to be rehomed with a reptile rescue home.

A spokesperson for the Coastway vets said: “Found python at a bus stop by the entrance to Sussex University.

”Please call us if you’re missing a snake.”

They added: “If no owner comes forward after seven days we will seek a reptile rescue to re-home.”

Locals were left shocked by the escaped serpent.

Hazel West said: “Bet there wasn’t anyone waiting at the bus stop.”

Lewis Thomas said: “I love animals and all that but if I’m turning up to uni and a python crawls past I’m getting real unloving real fast.”

”What, oh my God, I’d run,” said Susan Curd.

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