Naked woman goes on rampage and trashes restaurant


A naked woman goes on a rampage trashing a restaurant.

Shocked onlookers watch on as she throws patio chairs and slams down tables.

A staff member follows her around and apparently prevents her from getting inside.

The nude woman pushes the male worker and shouts in his face before continuing to run amok.

Bystanders look on while the woman smashes glasses and tosses chairs around the pavement area.

One – who films it on their phone – says the police didn’t turn up.

He said: “No one has arrived here.

“If it had been me, they would have gotten here earlier.”

In nearly seven minutes of footage, the police do not arrive at the Noche y Dia restaurant in Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Spain, on Monday (11 Sept).

One local remarked: “I hope the woman is reported and made to pay for the damage.”

The woman threw patio chairs and broke glasses (Photo: Jam Press)

Javier wrote: “Nearly seven minutes of video and the police don’t show up.”

David commented: “What is the obsession with destroying other people’s things? It’s like banging your head against a wall.”

Fran said: “If the owner touches her, as she is naked, he is the one who ends up arrested.”

Manuel stated: “We are the banana republic of Europe.”

It is unclear what happened after the filmed scenes and whether the local authorities plan to take action against the nude woman.

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