Strewth! Baffled mum-of-two receives postcard from Australia sent 42 YEARS AGO


A baffled mum-of-two received a postcard from Australia which was sent 42 YEARS AGO.

Samatha Williams doesn’t know who the recipient is or where it has been for over four decades.

The 46-year-old said it arrived at her home where she lives with her two kids.

It reads: “Dear Padge, you wouldn’t believe this but have just read your letter dated 8 May.

“Sorry to not have been in touch but what can you say?

“Will write tomorrow, hope you enjoyed the summer.”

The postcard that was lost in the post for nearly half a century (Jam Press)

The postcard – with Sydney Harbour Bridge on the front – was addressed to Steve Padgett.

Shocked Samantha thinks he previously lived in their house, in Westgate-on-Sea, near Margate, Kent with his parents Lillian and Denis.

But it was sent on 27 August, 1981 and finally travelled 10,499 miles to get to the UK.

At the time King Charles had just married Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher was PM and Liverpool were Champions.

Samantha was just four-years-old at the time.

She is now trying to track down Steve or his family to pass it on.

Samatha – whose children are aged seven and nine – said one of the kids picked it up and at first thought it was a Christmas card.

The road in Westgate-on-Sea where Samantha Williams lives (Credit: Jam Press)

She said: “I’d love to trace this Steve Padgett and hand him the postcard from his mate in Australia.

“But despite asking around we can’t find him.

“Our neighbour would have known the family but sadly he’s passed away so at the moment it’s a mystery.

“I guess Steve Padgett would now be in his 50s or 60s, but I’m sure he’d like to know his friend Gerry wrote to him, albeit 42 years ago.”

Sam added: ”It’s only got a 35 cent stamp on it so maybe it’s been stuck in a sorting office in Australia or over here?”

Pal Tracy Joan Parker said: “I knew the post is bad, but I could have walked that quicker.”

Penny Wilson added: “Was that 1st class?”

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