‘Insane’: Dad lets son ‘tattoo FORTNITE’ on his forehead’

Father and son duo push the boundaries with a daring bet—Tattooing ‘Fortnite’ on Dad’s forehead. Real or fake, you decide!
Donny Manco having a Fortnite tattoo done on his forehead.

This dad has gone viral on TikTok after letting his son ink the word ‘Fortnite’ onto his forehead.

Donny Manco, 52, and Memphis Manco, 23, are both tattoo artists from Indiana, US, and even have their own parlour together.

They often share their work on social media, (@memphismancotattoo), where they have over 7,235 followers.

Donny Manco (R) with his son Memphis.

Recently, Memphis took his art to the next level by inking his dad’s face with the name for the popular video game, which has racked up 10.8 million views in a post on TikTok.

“I’ve done forehead tattoos before and I’m always down to do some sick tats for the boys,” Memphis told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I’ve done a few like this before but never any that said Fortnite on the forehead.

“I think it’s pretty snazzy looking.

“But my mum was mortified, we didn’t really get what the big deal was.

“My dad was anxious to get it at first but now he said it sits right with his soul and that is it aligned with his spirit.

“It all came about because little brother Dewey insisted it was a good idea to make a bet over a few games of Fortnite.

“The forehead tattoo was the wager.”

In the clip shared to TikTok, Donny can be seen lying on the chair, while Memphis works on his ink.

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The artist pops a stencil of the tattoo on his dad’s head.

Donny seems to wince in pain as the inking begins, but it is soon over.

At the end, Donny can be heard saying: “Your mum is going to kill me,” as a huge Fortnite tattoo can be seen above his right eyebrow.

Donny Manco showing the Fortnite tattoo he had done on his forehead

The post has gained 887,200 likes so far, as well as 9,300 comments from baffled users.

Chay said: “No way this guy isn’t regretting that instantly.”

Vic added: “Dawg why.”

Eugene commented: “This is insane.”

Barak wrote: “Bro is radical.”

Someone else said: “I’d blow my head off if I got Fortnite tattooed.”

However, some social media users are sceptical as to whether the tattoo is real.

But when asked by NeedToKnow.co.uk, Memphis claims that the ink most certainly is real.

One person commented: “Can’t be real.”

Taylor wrote: “It does look completely fake.”

Someone else added: “There is absolutely no redness or swelling.”

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“If it was real it would’ve been shiny or you would’ve been able to see little holes in your skin,” said another user.

“There is no needle in the gun,” wrote Jack.

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