Mum sheds NINE STONE after struggling to keep up with children and taking up two seats on the bus


A mum-of-three has shared how she lost nine stone after struggling to keep up with her children – all while still eating her favourite foods.

Holly Geraghty, 28, from Halifax, Yorkshire, decided to lose weight after realising that she was struggling to play with her young children, aged eight, six and two, finding herself having to take naps throughout the day just to keep going.

“I was so tired all the time, and noticing that I was taking up nearly two seats on a bus – I knew I needed to do something,” Holly told Jam Press.

Pictured: Holly Geraghty before losing weight

“A lot of people would look and stare at me or look me up and down, especially if I was out which most of the time, you can imagine what they are thinking of you.”

The stay-at-home mum started her weight loss journey in the summer of 2018, weighing 19st 10lbs, starting with going on walks a couple times a week and eating full meals instead of snacking.

She said: “I was a size 18 top and bottom, I just lived in leggings and oversized stretchy tops, I never bought anything tight.

“I didn’t have any confidence at all, I would choose to wear dark clothes, I wouldn’t leave the house without doing my makeup or hair, even if I was going to the shop at the end of the road, the makeup helped me feel a bit more covered up in public.”

Holly hated not being able to keep up with her children, which was the initial starting point to make her lose weight.

She said: “It was awful feeling not able to keep up with my children, I avoided taking them out by myself anywhere fun or more active so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with them.”

Pictured: Holly Geraghty before and after weight loss

“I started by going on the walks with my best friend, and eating proper meals instead of snacking or missing meals which made me binge eat.

“I was adding more vegetables, eating more fruit, moving more and planning out my snacks for the day so that I didn’t over eat.

“In terms of meals I have always had curry and rice dishes, spaghetti bolognese or some sort of pasta dish and homemade burgers.

“I also bulk my meals out with a side salad or extra vegetables in sauces.”

Holly found it hard at the beginning but has grown to love her new lifestyle and getting creative in the kitchen.

She said: “At first I didn’t know what I was doing and I would cut out on heavy carbs and any sweet foods, but now I know I don’t have to do any of that.

“I have a balanced diet and eat within my daily calories, so I can have whatever I fancy.”

Pictured: Holly Geraghty before and after weight loss

Holly has also started making her own ‘fakeaways’ – creating her own takeaways at home with less calories.

She said: “I enjoy them just as much as a real take away, you feel a lot better after eating them and you know exactly whats going in them, you also have plenty of calories left for anything you fancy.

“Instead of having a McDonalds, make your own ‘Big Mac’, then you’re having at least half the calories you would have if you had the real thing.

“Same with a curry; make your own curry, rice, naan bread and a starter, and you could have it for around 730 calories, that from a takeaway is at least double your calorie intake.

Pictured: Holly Geraghty with her kids before and after losing weight

“Also doing a Nando’s fakeaway at home is great, you’re saving on a lot of calories and you enjoy it just as much.

“My favourite fakeaway is definitely a curry or a burger of any kind.”

Adapting to her new lifestyle, It has taken Holly around three years to lose nine stone.

The mum now feels much more confident and can leave the house without hiding behind a full face of makeup.

She added: “I can just go out of the house without doing my makeup, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Pictured: Holly Geraghty measuring her waist

“I have been ordering new clothes and I haven’t hated myself in the mirror or sent back all the clothes due to nothing fitting or liking anything on me.”

Holly and her children now lead a far more active lifestyle.

She said: “From being nearly 20 stone and having young children that I couldn’t even play with properly to now walking at least 13,000 steps a day, six days a week, I am now able to run around with them.

“I was someone who would wear all black and cover every inch of myself up as I was so depressed and hated the way I look, to now being able to feel confident to wear anything I like and being comfortable in my own skin.”

Pictured: Holly Geraghty after losing weight

The mum now weighs 10st 10lbs and wears a size 10 in most clothes.

She regularly posts on Instagram (@hollyg_myjourney) where she shares recipes, tips and transformation pictures.

Holly said: “I love helping people online and sharing my journey, it motivates me to carry on and when I am struggling I can show it’s normal.

“As long as we get back up and carry on we will get where we want to be.”

When it comes to starting fresh, Holly advises not putting pressure on yourself and starting with small steps.

She added: “Try and change one thing at a time and build yourself up, do not set unrealistic goals.

Pictured: Holly Geraghty after losing weight

“Build it up slowly so you stick to it, and please don’t under eat – you might lose weight at first but it will never help in the long run.

“You could end up binge eating or feeling that you have failed yourself and that just makes you want to give up altogether.”

On an average day, Holly’s meals include fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, bagels and her famous fake aways.

Holly said: “I usually stick to fruit and yoghurt in the morning during the week due to being busy with the kids and school drop offs.

Pictured: Holly Geraghty before and after weight loss

“On the weekends I will either make toast with toppings, a breakfast sandwich or a smoothie/yoghurt bowl with oats and fruit.

“For my lunch I will either make a ham salad sandwich or bagel, fruit, yoghurt, cappuccino, biscuit and crisps.

“Or maybe some soup with bacon or cooked chicken, with crusty bread, fruit and a yoghurt.

“And my dinner, I will make anything I fancy, maybe a pasta dish, curry, burgers, stir fry, Chinese curry, pizza, roast dinner or a chilli.

“Then for snacks I save around 300 calories for my night time treats which would normally be a hot chocolate and a chocolate bar or biscuits.”

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