Woman mocked for putting peas and sliced cheese in sandwich


A woman has been mocked for putting peas and sliced cheese in a sandwich.

Nastin Ka boasted about the bizarre sarnie filling.

But fellow foodies blasted the unusual combination.

One branded it “cost of living crisis” grub.

Another said it was a culinary “crime scene.”

Nastin bragged: “Decided to treat myself today.”

The bizarre cheese and peas sandwich (Credit Jam Press)

The sandwich is made of dry white bread, one slice of cheese and a handful of overcooked peas.

She posted it on the ‘Rate My Plate’ Facebook group.

One food fan – named Devon – said: “The cost of living effect.”

Thomas Bowman joked: “That wouldn’t be served in a US prison.”

Les Dinsey said “You must seek help.”

Braedon Smith agreed, adding: “I suggest a therapist to be able to deal with your traumas.”

Denise Lombardi said: “This is a crime scene.”

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