National Trust cancels ‘Pick Your Own Cherries’ event after hungry blackbirds ate them all

Their tummies are now full

The National Trust has cancelled a ‘Pick Your Own Cherries’ event after hungry blackbirds gobbled them all up.

The free event invites members of the public to harvest the fruit in its orchard.

But the cheeky birds which live at Cotehele House, in Saltash, Cornwall, jumped the queue and gobbled the entire crop.

Medieval house Cotehele had the harvest booked for next month (Credit: Jam Press)

Poor weather conditions resulted in fewer cherries growing this year, as well.

The National Trust has now told guests they cannot do it.

The harvest was due to take place over five days, starting on 5 July at the Tudor House.

A National Trust spokesman said: “Never work with children or animals.

“Unfortunately, the cheeky blackbirds who live at Cotehele, have jumped the queue and eaten all of the cherries in the orchard.

“Due to the unpredictable weather this spring, the blossom was staggered across a longer period, resulting in reduced pollination and fewer cherries growing.

The neighbouring blackbirds are now well fed (Credit: Jam Press)

“We, not the blackbirds, are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment caused.

“We hope to offer this event next year and in the meantime, you can join us for a Summer of Play and Apple Picking in September.”

Locals poked fun at the impatient birds.

Dave Bouch said: “You need to improve signage, I thought I said ‘Peck you own’.”

Gareth Smart said: “Keep your white washing in for a while around the area.”

Jo Barlow said: “Pesky blackbirds. But glad they all have full tummies now.”

Audrey Taylor said: “They will be singing sweeter tonight.”

Janet Wilson added: “Oh dear.”

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