Greggs superfan turns car into ‘The Sausage Roller’ as nod to high street bakery

He’s (sausage) rollin’, they hatin’

A Greggs superfan has turned his car into ‘The Sausage Roller’ – as a nod to the high street bakery.

Joe James accessorised his set of wheels with custom-made stickers to cement himself as the chain’s number one customer.

The pastry lover decorated his £1,400 blue Suzuki Wagon R with four orange squares on the bonnet – to mimic the bakery’s distinctive logo.

Joe James and his pal Dylan Gamble – both 18 – are big fans of the chain (Credit: Jam Press)

The 18-year-old also spelt out the name of the bakery with white lettering beneath it with his pal Dylan Gamble.

The whole modification cost £50.

Along the doors Joe spelt out ‘The Sausage Roller’ – as a nod to one of the bakery’s biggest sellers and a Rolls Royce.

Joe has since begged the bakery to open a drive-thru in Leicester near his home Braunstone to show off his new set of wheels.

Joe said: “I’m officially the Greggs man, it’s so stupid I love it.

“I was out one day and found myself in Halfords and Dylan made a joke about how L plates could be arranged like the Greggs logo.

Joe posing with his design (Credit: Jam Press)

“We started joking about it before starting to work it out. And it just spiralled from there.

“The reactions have been amazing.

“I worked so hard on it.

“Some people our age modify their car engine or make it loud and shouty.

“But ours is arguably way better.

“Who needs a lambo when you’ve got The Sausage Roller.

The letters before being painted white (Credit: Jam Press)

“If Greggs don’t open a drive-thru in Leicester I’ll have to travel to Newport so I can go through in my car.

“I’m dead serious.”

A Greggs spokesperson said: “She’s perfect.”

Spencer Taylor said: “Forget your Ferraris or Bugattis or Aston Martins, this right here is my dream car.

“Greggs you need to give Joe a lifetime supply of sausage rolls for this amazing work of art.”

Jordan Marrs said: “What a legend.”

Pastry fan Alexis added: “That is one amazing set of wheels.”

The finished masterpiece (Credit: Jam Press)

Someone else added: “I love this.”

A Greggs Spokesperson said: “There are dream cars, and then there’s The Sausage Roller

“We love to see the efforts our customers make to show their love for Greggs.

“We hope to see The Sausage Roller rolling through one of our drive thrus soon.”

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