Taylor Swift megafan begs for free Anfield gig tickets because ‘LFC’ is her middle name


A Taylor Swift megafan has begged for free Anfield gig tickets because ‘LFC’ is in her middle name.

Caitlin Garner is desperate to see her idol form in front of the Kop.

The Shake It Off singer, 33, is set to perform at Liverpool’s stadium on 14 and 15 June next year as part of her Eras Tour.

Caitlin proved her full moniker contains the club’s famous abbreviation.

Her passport reads “Caitlin Hannah LFC Garner” and she has had it since birth.

Pictured: Caitlin Hannah LFC Garner (Credit Jam Press)

The 25-year-old said” “Hi Liverpool Football Club, please can I have free tickets to Taylor Swift on the 15 June at Anfield?

“One of my middle names is ‘LFC’ and I think I should finally be compensated and I am a huge Swiftie.

“Please respond.”

She added “In regards to my name, I’m changing it when I get married.

“I also laugh about it, it really doesn’t upset me at all and its funny and makes others laugh.

“I could have been born with so many other things wrong with me but I was born and given a funny middle name.

“In my opinion thats lucky it was all I was born with.”

Caitlin Garner’s Tweets about getting free tickets to Taylor Swift’s gig in Liverpool (Credit Jam Press)

Many were quick to respond to Caitlin’s plea and left in hysterics at her strange middle name.

Maili Vinnyey said” “No I seriously think this could work.”

Talia Grace added: “Respect this. Liverpool Football Club give this gal a ticket.”

Jem said: “Worth a try.

“Gotta take advantage where you can, good luck.”

Mel added: “Hey Liverpool Football Club, can we make this happen?

“Getting tickets for popular concerts is extremely difficult and stressful so you could save someone from having to go through that!”

Liverpool have been contacted for comment.


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