‘Architectural masterpiece’: Famous rotating mansion hits market for $5M

The famous rotating mansion of California has gone on the market for $5.3 million (£4.16 million).

The famous rotating mansion of California has gone on the market for $5.3 million (£4.16 million).

The jaw-dropping mansion, nestled in Mount Helix in La Mesa, San Diego, offers incredible views that can be enjoyed from all angles thanks to panoramic windows and, of course, its spinning mechanism.

The innovative property has a 5,100 sq ft rotating second-floor structure with 3,700 sq ft of rotating living space and a 1,400 sq ft rotating deck.

The new owner can take full advantage of the Californian weather by taking in the sunrise and sunset from all angles.

Pictured: The kitchen area. (Credit: Jam Press)

The stunning home boasts four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with the interior decorated to perfection with a colourful palette and plenty of space to entertain.

There’s even a small golf course outside, as well as plenty of seating to sit back and enjoy the surroundings.

The circular property’s floor-to-ceiling windows ensure it is flooded with natural light, and top-of-the-range appliances ensure you will be well catered for.

The listing describes the home as an “architectural marvel”.

It reads: “Designed as a rotating home, it offers a one-of-a-kind living experience that combines functionality, luxury, and breathtaking views.

“This exceptional property boasts a cutting-edge design that allows the entire structure to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing its residents with the ability to adjust their surroundings to their liking.

“The rotating feature not only adds a touch of novelty but also serves a practical purpose by allowing occupants to optimize natural light and take advantage of the panoramic views from every angle.

“The open floor plan maximizes the sense of space and fluidity, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

“High-end finishes, state-of-the-art appliances, and premium fixtures and fittings can be found throughout the property, reflecting a commitment to quality and luxury.

Pictured: The stunning home comes with four bathrooms. (Credit: Jam Press)

“One of the standout features of this rotating home is the emphasis on capturing breathtaking views.

“With large windows strategically placed throughout the property, residents can enjoy panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, cityscape, or waterfront, depending on the location of the home.

“The ability to rotate the home allows occupants to continually change their view and make the most of their surroundings.

“Furthermore, the property is equipped with modern technology and smart home features, providing a seamless and intuitive living experience.

“From automated systems for climate control, lighting, and security to integrated entertainment systems, the home offers a high level of comfort and convenience.

“Overall, this rotating home is an architectural masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of traditional design.

“Its innovative rotating feature, luxurious amenities, and breathtaking views combine to create an extraordinary living experience that is sure to captivate anyone seeking a unique and dynamic place to call home.”

Pictured: The famous rotating mansion in California has hit the market for £4.16 million. (Credit: Jam Press)

The property is currently on the market with Melvina Selfani of Century 21 Award.

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