Inside ‘scary’ abandoned high school that looks like it could be Upside Down from Stranger Things.

A man has gone viral on TikTok after exploring an empty school which looks like something straight out of Stranger Things.

A man has gone viral on TikTok after exploring an empty school which looks like something straight out of Stranger Things.

Looking like something from the ‘Upside Down’, Aiden Bross found peeling paint, flooded rooms and graffiti on the walls, giving his exploration a haunted feel.

He visited the school in April 2023, delving deep into a site he had long since wanted to see.

Pictured: The abandoned school. (Credit: Jam Press)

The urban explorer shared a video of his search on TikTok (@aidenbross ) which gained over 665,000 views.

“The atmosphere, in my opinion was nostalgic in a way,” the 20-year-old bank teller told .

“Although I never went to that school, as I walked those hallways, I could almost picture in my head everybody walking to class.

“And just going about their day-to-day routine in that building at one point in time.

“It was a spot that we had known about for a bit but had just gotten over to explore,

“It was actually my first time exploring abandoned school so the adrenaline rush was awesome and it definitely gave that new adventurous feeling.”

Pictured: The abandoned school – the exterior. (Credit: Jam Press)

While searching the grounds a rock flew through the window, nearly hitting Aiden.

“When we got in there, we were actually taken by surprise when a rock came flying through the gym window,” he said.

“Turns out some kids knew about the place too, and were just throwing stuff around.”

Schiller Park Middle School, located in Buffalo, New York, was abandoned in 1998 for unknown reasons.

In a video shared to TikTok, he revealed the interior of the abandoned school, located in Buffalo, New York, complete with benches and basketball hoops still intact.

Showing off the classrooms, the desks and chairs seem to have been tossed around and broken with graffiti covering the walls.

The cafeteria is then shown, which even had football tables left behind.

Pictured: The abandoned school – a classroom. (Credit: Jam Press)

The post, captioned: “Would you go to school here?”, gathered over 63,500 likes as well as hundreds of comments from shocked users.

Giuliana said: “Class of 1984.”

Kayden commented: “Kinda looks like the one from stranger things.”

Savannah added: “Fr stranger things vibe.” [sic]

Darin wrote: “Bro the fluid looks so scary.” [sic]

“My mom went to that school,” said someone else.

“Bro I’d be bring a ladder and take that basketball hoop home,” added Kadin. [sic]

“That’s Hawkins high school fr,” commented Tristen. [sic]

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