‘People call me a DEMON and say I set a bad example – but I don’t care,’ says body mod addict getting SNAKE implants into arms

Victor will continue to transform himself no matter what anyone says…
Victor hold his arms over his head displaying the snake-like implants while doing the rock 'n' roll hand gesture.

A body modification fanatic dubbed a “real life demon” has shared his latest procedure which has cost over £5,000: “snake” implants into his arms – but social media users claim he’s “setting a bad example.”

Victor Hugo Peralta regularly hits the headlines due to his controversial look, where he has the Devil’s “666” carved into his scalp, alongside £400 metal horns implanted into his skull.

At aged 13, he recalls getting his first inking with the word “f**k” across the fingers on his left hand and since then, he’s continued with his obsession – claiming 95% of his body is inked.

Victor's tattooed arm is shown with ripples like a snake, which are the implants.
Victor claims the procedure didn’t hurt “one bit” (Picture: Jam Press)

Victor, 53, has also earned the Guinness World Record title for “most body modifications” (married couple) along with his wife, Gabriela, 52, which they’ve held for 10 years.

Now, in a bid to continue his transformation, the “real life demon” has revealed his latest modification: “snake” arm implants.

“I wanted to modify my original appearance, as I see myself markedly different from other beings,” Victor, a showman, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“We are all unique pieces in the game of life and [this] makes me much more original and closer to how I want to look.

“I wasn’t inspired by other people, as unique pieces in each person are totally different with each modification.”

Victor claims the procedure was quick and simple, taking one hour to place six implants into his arms.

Firstly, they began with marking and cutting the designated area, before inserting the silicone implants, draining any fluid and stitching the skin back up.

And he says it didn’t hurt one bit.

The showman, from Argentina, said: “I didn’t suffer because I chose these voluntarily to get the final result.

Victor's chest is shown with a star sticking out underneath his tattooed skin.
He previously had a Satanic star implanted into his chest (Picture: Jam Press)

“I enjoyed it from start to finish – it’s not comparable to the loss of a loved one.”

In a clip, shared on Instagram, which has racked up over 21,000 views and hundreds of likes, he reveals the gory process.

Victor’s arm is shown on a surgical table, as a person in appropriate clothing uses a sharp tool to insert into the skin.

As they wipe away the excess blood, they use a pair of surgical scissors to position the implant.

Then, a flat stick is pushed under the skin with force in a bid to move around the silicone and create the “snake” effect.

Victor can be seen dancing to the background music and appearing unbothered.

Finally, the last silicone implant is shown being placed.

Users have flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many claiming that he’s setting a “bad example” for others.

Victor says the procedure cost just over £5,000 (Picture: Jam Press)

“Setting a bad example for the children,” one person said.

Someone else added: “I want to believe that’s what they use some kind of anesthesia for…otherwise it’s not explained.” [sic]

“When I grow up I want to be like Victor,” another user commented, followed by a fire emoji.

One person said: “Is everything ok at home?”

“Peralta always genius,” someone else added. [sic]

In total, the process cost him 6,000 (EUR) (£5,160) to complete and while not everyone has accepted his unique look, he doesn’t care.

Victor's head is shown with the letter '6' bloody and red. He has multiple large hoops in his ear and red hair.
He’s also had ‘666’ permanently scarred into his head in a bid to become a ‘demon’ (Picture: Jam Press)

He added: “People react in different ways: surprise, curiosity and fear.

“I don’t have time for [negativity], so I only receive beauty from people who accept me as I am.

“My body is my decision and my life is not theirs.”

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