Burberry divides opinion by teaming up with cafe

Burberry has divided opinion by teaming up with a cafe.

Burberry has divided opinion by teaming up with a cafe.

The designer did it to mark London Fashion Week which ran from last Friday (15 Sept) to Tuesday (19 Sept).

It took over trendy Norman’s Cafe, in Archway, in the north of the capital.

The joint is popular amongst millennials for its nostalgic childhood dishes including chicken nuggets, chips and beans, and fish pie.

The cafe typically serves up food on plain white plates.

But after working with Burberry – known for its beige check pattern – it used its branding on them.

These included bacon butties and egg and chips.

Burberry took over the cafe for fashion week (Credit: Normans/ Jam Press)

Staff uniforms and salt and pepper shakers were also branded with the Burberry logo.

Telly star, Mary Berry also popped in.

Norman’s Cafe announced the collaboration with a picture of a Burberry branded pate with a serving of two eggs, chips and ketchup.

A spokesperson said: “Burberry will be taking over Norman’s cafe for London Fashion Week.”

However, fashion fans were mixed on the move.

Fashion fans were divided by the move (Credit: Jam Press/Normans)

One person, called Mahnoor, said: “Why is the luxury world trying to appropriate working class food in its brand campaigns?”

Joe Foster said: “I get it don’t get me wrong but as a working class northerner it really rubs me the wrong way that eating in a greasy spoon is classed as “acting poor.”

Rose Hart said: “It’s giving middle class safari.”

Connor McGeady said: “It’s wild people are into this.”

Mim said: “Really is that deep when you consider how Burberry did the most to distance themselves from working class consumers when it became popular in the 90s.”

But one person, called Jimmy, saw no issue with the collaboration.

He said: “The Great British pairing.”

Norman’s Cafe and Burberry have been approached for comment.

The luxury label also temporarily re-branded London’s Bond Street tube station as ‘Burberry Street’ during Fashion Week.

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