Model pays £500 for ‘uneven and yellow-ish’ veneers ON PURPOSE

A woman has left social media users shocked after revealing that she paid £500 for “uneven and yellow” veneers – that she asked her dentist for on purpose.

A woman has left social media users shocked after revealing that she paid £500 for “uneven and yellow” veneers – that she asked her dentist for on purpose.

Despite being a model, Jennifer Jung, also known as Jen, has always struggled with the appearance of her teeth, never feeling “truly confident”.

She had braces as a child and when 14, broke one of her front teeth during a baseball training match.

Pictured: Jen’s teeth before getting natural veneers. (Credit: Jam Press)

As an adult, Jen decided to get veneers in Thailand but unlike most people, who ask for a glimmering white smile, she wanted something a bit more natural.

Taking to TikTok to share the experience, her video has racked up over 10.4m views and one million likes.

In the clip, Jen shows off her tegs, with people saying they “look so real”.

“The reason for a more natural look was my work,” Jen, now 31, who lives in Sydney, Australia, told

“As a model, people look at every aspect of you, I didn’t want to gain any unnecessary attention to my teeth.

“I personally needed to make my new teeth fit my face and I didn’t want it to overpower my face balance.

“Same is for the color choice.

“I am aware that a lot of people think I am crazy asking for uneven veneers and a little yellowish tint to match my own teeth.

“Quite frankly it’s [super white colour veneers] not my kind of style and I’m happy I found a dentist that helped me achieve my dream veneers.”

Pictured: Jen showing her during the process of getting her veneers. (Credit: Jam Press)

Social media users have been left stunned by the story with many unaware that you can choose the shade of veneers.

One person said: “Wait ’cause I been avoiding it cause I don’t want them bright white chunkies lol.” [sic]

“They look so real! I would truly never know,” said Sierra.

Angel said: “Yes! The totally straight big white veneers give dentures to me.. these look great!”

Ashley added: “Good call, they look way more realistic. I wouldn’t have known.”

“These are the best veneers I’ve ever seen, the freaky perfect white ones look like bad dentures to me,” said another user.

Someone else added: “My mom calls veneers “toilet bowl teeth”. Yours are the first ones I’ve seen that look reeeaally stunning!” [sic]

“This slays,” said another user.

Someone else added: “Such a good move personally i don’t like the bright white plastic look.”

Jen went to the same dentist in Thailand that her fiancé, Samuel Smith, 32, used when he got his teeth done.

The pair were living in Bangkok at the time [October 2018].

Jen said: “Samuel literally chose the clinic closest to our apartment and went there [to get his teeth done].

“I was thinking of going there to see if he [the dentist] could help me out my [broken] tooth.

“He [the dentist] told me about veneers and how little he would shave off and that my teeth would still look the same if I decided to take them off.

“This would help cover my discoloured tooth.”

Jen chose a shade lighter than her natural colour and got the four front teeth at the top changed.

Speaking of the colour choice, she said: “I was rather surprised because I’ve didn’t know it was an option.

“I always thought you could only choose super white.”

Pictured: Jen’s teeth now. (Credit: Jam Press)

She paid $1,000 AUD (around £520) for the veneers, with the procedure taking about a month all-in-all.

Jen said: “I know it’s on the cheaper side and without reviews it was a bit risky to take that step but I felt really comfortable in his clinic and he knew that my smile is very important to me, since my job is modelling.

“I couldn’t have anything fake-looking.I absolutely love my teeth and it [has given] me so much confidence.”

“Some friends and family didn’t even notice because it [the veneers] fits my face naturally well.”

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