Widower uses dead husband’s semen to create jewellery – after finding sperm sample in the FREEZER

She’s nicknamed the piece ‘jizzy jewellery’
Crystal and her husband are shown smiling while outside.

A widower has revealed how she created a set of jewellery containing her husband’s semen – after finding a sample stored in their freezer.

Crystal Poston, 35, came across the quirky ‘jizzy jewellery’ company, Trinkets By Amanda Booth, last summer, and joked with husband Aaron, who was also 35, about ordering some.

Unbeknownst to Crystal, he secretly placed an order and collected a sample of his semen, planning to surprise her on Christmas.

Two black coffins filled with white semen are shown.
She had the bespoke trinkets made filled with his semen (Picture: Jam Press)

Sadly, on Christmas Day he suffered a bi-lateral stroke, which attacked both sides of his brain, and he died in January of this year.

Crystal later found the stored semen in the freezer, and sent it off to store owner Amanda Booth to finish making the jewellery pieces – which she now keeps as a special memento.

“Something that was supposed to be a silly gift turned into being something that I cherish so much – even though it is jizz!” Crystal, from Texas, US, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk

“I guess I just don’t look at it that way now, now it’s just a piece of him I’ll have forever.”

The secret order came as a complete surprise to Crystal.

The jewellery set includes two rings, a necklace, a hanging ornament for her car rear view mirror, a pair of earrings, two bracelets and a pair of earrings.

She said: “Aaron decided he wanted to gift me jizzy jewellery – I had no idea.

“He contacted Amanda and they came up with the designs for my jewellery, and he also started collecting his specimen in secret.”

Sadly, before the necklace was complete, Aaron suffered the troke – which was triggered by complications from an organ transplant he’d had back in 2020.

Adam is pictured kissing his wife on the cheek.
Her husband, Adam, already had the idea to get the jewellery made (Picture: Jam Press)

Crystal said: “We had little hope that he would recover but he didn’t.

“He passed peacefully on 24 January while we were sleeping.”

As Crystal was coping with her husband’s death, she remembered about the jewellery order.

She said: “I looked [Amanda] up and messaged her asking about my husband’s order and explained to her what was going on.

“Amanda got back to me pretty quickly and explained that his order was already paid for and all, but he hadn’t sent in his specimen.

Amanda said it’s one of the most “heartbreaking” orders she’s had to do. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I went and looked and found it hiding behind the butter in the freezer!

“I sent it to Amanda and she was able to make the jewellery that my dear husband planned on giving me.”

Amanda was touched by this order, and said Aaron was one of the nicest clients she’d ever had.

Amanda said: “He was so thoughtful and so amazing to consult with and he wanted to make sure the pieces were 100% her and unique.

Crystal is shown lying on her husband's hospital bed as he lies down with tubes hooked up to him.
Crystal hopes to keep the piece of her husband with her forever. (Picture: Jam Press)

“Not only did the order mean so much to her because of the materials, but it was all of the planning and creativity he put into the pieces that meant a lot.

“A funny inside joke of a jizzy jewellery order turned into one of the most heartbreaking memorial orders.”

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