Family create insane ‘reading corner’ by suspending NET 10 feet in the air

Meet Lindsay Maple, the creative mind behind a suspended reading corner 10.5 feet in the air, costing under £600. A DIY masterpiece, capable of supporting 1,000+ pounds. Read more at
Lindsay sitting in the reading corner. that shed build using her DIY building skill.

A mother has shared how she created a unique reading corner, suspended 10.5 feet in the air, for under £600.

Lindsay Maple, a yoga instructor and author, wanted to find a use for the empty space above her door.

Tim playing in the reading corner with their children Logan and Jacob.
Tim playing in the reading corner with their children Logan and Jacob. (Picture: Jam Press)

Using her DIY skills and a lot of studs, she made a net book nook, capable of supporting over 1,000 pounds.

Sharing her creation on TikTok (@lindsayraewrites ), the clip gathered over 4m views from awe-struck followers.

“Above the door was an open area – it was our only south-facing window and I lamented to my husband that we couldn’t use it, and I would love to sit there and read,” the 31-year-old, from British Columbia, Canada, told

“So he had an idea to put a net there and I jumped on the idea.

“It was about $1000 (£580) and a couple of weekends.

“It’s very safe, it can support 1000lbs+ – it’s actually kind of overbuilt.”

To create the suspended reading spot, the family of four first removed the railing, before building a pony wall, a short wall, and raising it up.

Lindsay reading corner under construction.
Lindsay reading corner under construction. (Picture: Jam Press)

Halfway through the project, her husband Tom, 39, injured his back while lifting their pet giant tortoise, leaving Lindsay and the two kids, Logan, three, and Jacob, five, to complete the project.

Using hundreds of studs around the perimeter, she hung a sailing-grade net and wove two different ropes through to secure it.

She said: “I climbed up a ladder and screwed all those 2x4s into studs with zero help and honestly it wasn’t the best idea but I was very determined and don’t let things like common sense and fear for my own safety stop me.

“The net turned out amazing and we love reading up here!

“It is also great to throw extra blankets and pillows on it and snuggle up with an iPad and popcorn to watch a movie.”

Sharing her creation on TikTok, Lindsay quickly gained 304,100 likes and over a thousand comments, with people wanting to copy her idea.

Rico wrote: “I give it ten minutes before I fall asleep and my phone is done for lol.”

One person added: “stares at the unused space above my front door and yells at my husband HONEY I HAVE A project for you!”

A social media comment referring to the reading corner build by Lindsay.
A social media comment referring to the reading corner.

“i love this but my fear of heights does not,” someone else said.

Gwen commented: “we need one of these in the future (ima be scared to death but it looks comfy).”

Willow said: “I could imagine a cat living it’s best life trying to lay up there, sticking it’s paws down at the people below.”

She added: Going viral for the loft net was actually an accident, as my intention with TikTok was to promote my debut novel and talk about books.

“Now my only problem is not having enough downtime to read as much as I would like.”

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