Savvy man who made date night dishes for £1 reveals his top tips for supermarket shopping – including advice for Christmas

A man determined to help people through the cost of living crisis has shared his top tips for supermarket shopping, including advice for the festive season.

A man determined to help people through the cost of living crisis has shared his top tips for supermarket shopping, including advice for the festive season.

Elliot William’s love of a good bargain has made him a TikTok star, with over 4.2 million likes across his videos and nearly 300,000 followers.

In recent viral clips, the 36-year-old from Preston, Lancashire, who recently hit the headlines sharing savvy date night dishes that cost less than £1, focuses on simple tricks to save money.

From which ingredients to buy ahead of Christmas, to why you should always check your receipts, and consider the turkey size, there’s plenty to think about.

(Credits: Jam Press) Elliot William


“Inflation has affected me and others in a big way, you can’t escape it,” Elliott, who lives with his wife, Rebecca, 32, told

“Off-brand products have skyrocketed, so even if you switch brands, you are still paying a lot more than before the cost of living crisis.

“Olive oil, cheese, and sweet treats, I find are the biggest risers.”

For his first piece of advice, Elliot advises that when buying fresh food, always check the date, and then check the one at the back of the pile.

He said: “More often than not, it’ll be a better date.

“Works with most fresh food like meat, milk, cheese, eggs, bread, just check the bag.”


His second tip is to never go shopping hungry because this will lead to unnecessary purchases and snacking as you go.

He said: “You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop, you’ll be drooling over the oven-fresh counter, and the sweet counter too!

“You’ll probably end up buying yourself a nice little treat for yourself because you deserve it.

“Wait till you get home and save some money, give those chocolate eclairs a swerve.”


Tip number three is to downgrade brands, you don’t need to buy top of the range on every product.

Elliot said: “Who needs Kellogg’s Coco Pops when you can buy Choco Rice Pops?

“Who needs £8 Weetabix when you got wheat biscuits for £2.65? Bargain.”

(Credits: Jam Press) A video grab of Elliot sharing his Christmas food tips to help people through the cost of living crisis


Fourthly, make sure to stick to the list, supermarket layouts are clever.

He said: “They are designed to take your money, it’s all physiological.

“Buy what you need, not what you want.”


Elliot also advises to always keep your receipts.

He added: “For price comparisons and to make sure you’re not being short-changed and consumer rights.

“Learn your rights!”


As for Christmas time, the super saver recommends really considering the turkey size.

He said: “Only get a full turkey if you’re a big family.

“Otherwise, just get a turkey crown, or even better a frozen chicken.

“If you like turkey you’ll like chicken, or if you’re just a couple, get a breast joint.”


Back up with frozen goods to avoid disappointment on the big day if the fresh ingredients aren’t available.

He said: “Pigs in blankets are better bought fresh near the time, but you can always buy frozen instead.

“Same with Yorkshire puddings, better made fresh but if you can’t be bothered frozen are cheap.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Elliot William


Supermarkets are likely to have offers on vegetables closer to the big day.

He said: “Sometimes it’s only 20p for a bag of veg.

“Wait till nearer the time to stock up and make all your food fresh.”


If you’re worried about things selling out, buy shelf items now.

He said: “Things like gravy granules and stock cubes are good to buy now so you’re prepared.

“And in the cost of living crisis, you’re better going for your own brand, your mint sauce, cranberry sauce, and your Christmas pudding too.”


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