‘My 36J chest left me in agony and constantly objectified by leering men’

A parent left in agony from daily pain and constantly being objectified by strangers has shared how undergoing a breast reduction has changed their life.

A parent left in agony from daily pain and constantly being objectified by strangers has shared how undergoing a breast reduction has changed their life.

Growing up, Simone Kolysh didn’t find it an issue having a larger chest than their friends.

It wasn’t until the now 39-year-old had their four children, which saw their chest grow substantially during pregnancy, that the pain intensified to an unbearable level in the neck, shoulders, and back.

They were also fed up with being “harassed” by men and not being able to wear certain types of clothes.

“Having heavy breasts impacted my muscles and rotator cuffs,” Simone, a life coach at Defiant Life Coaching from the East Coast of the United States, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“Typically, the pain around the neck and shoulders is called ‘coat hanger pain’ and that is precisely what I dealt with for over a decade.

“My breast size never got in the way of any personal relationships but did get used by men who sexually objectified me or harassed me.

“I always felt deeply uncomfortable with being stared at and having men proposition me on the streets, but my mum used to say it was in their nature and I wouldn’t learn about the social construction of gender until years later.

“Once I understood more about the patriarchy and sexual objectification, I became angrier and wanted to help people understand what is taking place when one is being harassed in public by strangers.

“Other than that, having large breasts prevented me from doing certain kinds of exercise throughout my life, wearing certain types of clothing, and made me more hunched over than I would be otherwise.”

Simone before their breast reduction. (Picture: Jam Press)

In April 2022, Simone, who is non-binary and queer, decided to see a surgeon recommended by their partner, who had also undergone a breast reduction.

The operation was booked for 31 October that same year and thankfully, their insurance company covered the cost.

They said: “Her procedure went so well that I was inspired to get my breasts reduced as well.

“I felt comfortable with my surgeon and the surgical centre and it was all seamless, to be honest.

“I was nervous but mostly excited about my surgery and was home a few hours after, which was great.

“My recovery wasn’t without some bumps in the road, but still, I consider all of it worth it in the end.”

Simone identified as non-binary prior to the surgery and has been using the pronouns they/them since they were 22.

They are now a size 36B and couldn’t be happier with their new breasts.

They said: “When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel better and more in alignment with who I am inside.

“I like the clothes I am able to wear now, especially without a bra and I can’t wait to get my nipples pierced the way I had them pierced before all the kids.

“It was not a procedure I did for aesthetic reasons, but I am extremely happy with how I have healed and with my results.

“I went through my entire closet and determined what clothes I can wear now and which clothes to donate.

“I have to learn how to be in this new body but I am excited to figure that out as I get better.”

They are also excited to get back to being more active.

Simone with one of their children. (Picture: Jam Press)

Simone said: “Soon, I will be cleared to go back to exercise and I will be able to see what I am now able to do.

“I can do yoga at the moment, which is interesting as my centre of gravity has changed, it feels completely different!

“I am also excited to get back to Argentine tango with my wife, she can hold me closer now.

“I will have to figure out how to balance on high heels with a different body again, but I am excited and looking forward to it.

“For example before, certain yoga poses were difficult for me to accomplish and now, I will be able to go further with my practice.

“I feel more like myself and like my breasts were really there to serve my children and that chapter is behind me at this point.”

Beforehand, they weren’t sure what they imagined breast surgery to be like and was always hesitant until they saw their wife’s results.

They said: “Her experience really inspired mine and the techniques used were state of the art.

“Today, my breasts barely show any of the scars, the nipples were reduced and placed back onto my breasts and they seamlessly healed.

“So it’s a real testament to medicine and my surgeon!

“It’s a huge weight off my neck, shoulders, and back literally and figuratively.

“Even hugging my wife with our now smaller breasts is a fun, more intimate experience.”

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