MP slams neglected road full on potholes the size of his feet

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher criticizes neglected roads in Doncaster, highlighting potholes the size of his feet on Bubup Hill. He urges action to address the hazardous road conditions.
Nick Fletcher MP with the potholes on Bubup Hill.

An MP has slammed a road that has been so neglected it is full of potholes the size of his feet.

Nick Fletcher is the Conservative MP for Don Valley in Doncaster.

He came across the potholes on a Bubup Hill in the Loversall area of the South Yorkshire city.

The furious MP spotted a line of at least 10 potholes in the middle of the road.

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Nick Fletcher the MP who came across the neglected road in Don Valley.
Nick Fletcher MP. (Picture: Jam Press)

He even stood in some of them to demonstrate the size.

His feet could fit inside the pothole.

Mr Fletcher said: “Some pretty awful potholes on this road in Loversall.

”I have asked my office to report them to My Doncaster.”

the potholes on the Don Valley road.
The potholes. (Picture: Jam Press)

Angry local Jan Deacey fumed: “You should see this beauty on St Nicholas Road, in Thorne.

“Bursts at least two tyres a week.”

Mr Fletcher added: “My office will report it but will need to know where exactly it is on that road.

But Jan added: “Was told two weeks ago it has been inspected and was being treated as a matter of urgency.”

It comes after National Pothole Day was marked on Monday (15 Jan).

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