VIDEO: Football match postponed after hooligans beat up player in tunnel

Football match postponed after hooligans assault player in tunnel. Violence erupts between fans and players in Patagonian final.
The injured player after beat up by hooligans in the tunnel in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.

A football match had to be postponed after hooligans beat up a player in the tunnel.

Footage shows how the scuffle between the group of home fans and the away players unfolded.

Kicks and punches are thrown as shouts and insults ring out.

One unlucky player was left with a cut inner lip and gum.

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Snaps show Jonathan Moreira in the dressing room holding what looks like a large ice cube to the bleeding wound.

A large bloodstain can be seen on the floor between his feet in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.

The violence broke out at the return leg of the Patagonian final of the Regional Amateur Tournament 2023/24.

It happened after a group of Jorge Newbery fans gained access to the tunnel and began assaulting the visiting players before they could step onto the pitch on Sunday (4 Feb).

The Deportivo Rincón players also alleged that the hooligans stole belongings, including shirts and boots, from them.

Because of the violence, the Deportivo Rincón players and coaching staff refused to play the fixture.

Officials ended up postponing the clash more than an hour after the scheduled kick-off time of 7 pm.

As the away team was about to leave, they were allegedly pelted with stones, leaving them trapped for a while.

The match officials were also reportedly targeted as they left the stadium.

Local media report that the match will still go ahead, but it is unclear when.

The overall winner will be promoted to the Torneo Federal A league.

Deportivo Rincón are favourites, having won the first leg 2-0 at their home ground in Rincón de Los Sauces.

That match was also heated and ended with Jorge Newbery president Pablo “Pitu” Barrientos allegedly receiving death threats.

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