Man pays £15,000 to cam girl for gaming quest

You can’t put a price on company…unless it’s £15,000.
Charley poses in front of the camera as part of her cam girl gig.

A man has paid a cam girl over £15,000 ($20,000 USD) to go on a special gaming quest with him.

Charley Hart, 37, from Florida, US, was surprised when Chris, 32, from New Jersey invited her to take part on an adventure in the virtual world.

The cam girl was online when Chris entered a private chat and asked if they could play the Elden Ring together, an action role-playing game made in collaboration with Lord of The Rings author George R.R. Martin.

Charley poses for the camera with pink lipstick and a brightly coloured, tie-dye shirt.
Charley played the ‘Lord of The Rings’ inspired game for 40 hours (Picture: Jam Press)

The pair ended up spending 40+ hours in the ‘The Lands Between’, the open-world space where the game takes place.

And Chris paid a handsome sum for it too, shelling out over £15,000 for the pleasure of Charley’s company – but he has no regrets.

When asked if it was worth it, the gamer said: “Yes, it was. 

“I usually play campaigns by myself in my boxer briefs and overload on carbs (pizza, fast food, etc.) while chugging energy drinks. 

“It was nice to have Charley alongside me as I traversed ‘The Lands Between’. 

“We got to know each other quite intimately and connected on a deeper level. I really appreciated her companionship. 

“I look forward to hopefully streaming with her again when the next big game is released.”

The promotional picture for the game, Elden Ring, which shows fire and dark clouds.
Despite being professional while gaming, the two took time to get saucy on the side (Picture: Jam Press)

Charley also had a great time, though was a bit tired after the long session.

She said: “It was something I’ve never done before. 

“I didn’t fully grasp how long 40 consecutive hours is. 

“It takes a lot of stamina, in more ways than one.

“But Chris and I really hit it off at the onset and it was fun.

“We celebrated once we completed the campaign like we won a championship.

“It was a nice accomplishment.”

The duo didn’t stay in character the entire time.

Like all seasoned gamers, they know the best way to complete a quest is to take small breaks intermittently – having a saucy time over camera on CamSoda, the adult site that Charley works for, every few hours.

Chris said: “I do personally [think the best way to play the game is with someone else]. 

“It might not be for everyone, but I appreciated the companionship of Charley. She kept things…fun.

“Yes, it was very intense. I was hellbent on beating the game.”

Chris isn’t the only man to pay for a partner to join a digital adventure.

According to Charley, it’s very popular in the cam girl world, especially during the height of the pandemic.

Charley poses whilst taking a selfie.
Despite the eye-watering amount, Chris believes that his money was well spent (Picture: Jam Press)

She said: “It is. It was popular during the pandemic. 

“I know a few models that would ‘game’ with their clients. 

“Rather than just being a cam girl who performs for, say, 7 minutes, I’ve accompanied clients for extended periods of time while they game, prepare dinner, eat dinner, etc. 

“It’s like longform camming.

“I’m interested in doing something like this again. 

“Maybe not 40 consecutive hours, but an extended session over the course of a few hours can be fun.”

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