Woman spends £4,000 on new teeth after a decade of insecurity – but cruel trolls are comparing her to a HORSE and ask her to ‘neigh’

Michal says she’s happy with her new smile

A woman has revealed how she spent £4,000 on veneers – but now gets asked to “neigh” by TikTok users.

Michal Maccabee, 21, from London, was insecure about her smile and tooth gap and wanted the perfect grin, so she paid for composite veneers in March.

Although she loves the result, when she posted a video about her new look on TikTok, people started comparing her to a horse.

In the clip, Michal shows herself on the screen with the caption: “I was unhappy with my teeth for 10 years so ain’t no way I’m missing the trend.”

After a few seconds, she smiles at the camera to show off her new teeth.

Michal’s TikTok went viral (Video: Jam Press)

The video has now been viewed over 1.4 million times and racked up 114,000 likes, but Michal says she had no idea it would go viral.

“I was just really excited to have new teeth and show them to everyone!” she told Jam Press.

One comment said: “Can you neigh for us?”

Another user said: “Bro went to the vet to get them installed.”

“I put my money on you, you better win,” another viewer joked.

Another person asked: “Who’s horse is that?”

“What’s the odds on you?” quipped one critic.

“What time you racing in the grand national?” said someone else.

Other users were kinder to Michal and sent her some encouraging words.

One person said: “Why are people so mean. You look beautiful babe, wish I had money for veneers.”

Another viewer said: “Don’t listen to the comments, just full of people with severe insecurities.”

Michal's teeth, before and after the £4,000 procedure
Michal’s teeth, before and after the £4,000 procedure

Michal hit back at the cruel trolls and said: “This just showed me how the internet can be very horrible and I wish people spend kindness rather than hate.”

But the jeweller says she isn’t bothered by the comments.

“I got a lot of comments, both positive and negative. Some of the negative comments was people saying I look like a horse and making fun of me,” she told Jam Press.

“I don’t really care actually and some comments I did find funny, the only thing that matters to me is how happy I am with my new smile.

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