Pampered Great Dane compared to JENNIFER LOPEZ after going viral wearing a wig


A huge great dane has been compared to Jennifer Lopez by social media users after getting her wig trimmed.

Sabrina Giardina, 46, from New York, US is the proud owner of five-year-old Margot and her three-year-old puppies Parker and Viola, who have become social media stars (@lovemargot.co) with almost one million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Pictured: Video grab – Great Dane Margot sits for a wig trim in Sabrina’s video

And in a recent video Margot was given a pampering session, which has been viewed thousands of times.

The 16-second video shows the black and white pooch wearing a brown bob wig with Sabrina using scissors trimming the length.

The clip makes reference to another viral TikTok video which sees US reality TV transgender star TS Madison put on a wig, claiming to feel “Puerto Rican”.

Social media users drew comparisons to actress Jennifer Lopez, 52, who is of Puerto Rican descent to Margot’s new hair-do.

One TikToker commented: “Practically JLo!!!”

A second person commented: “It’s definitely her style. Brings out her eyes.”

“Paw-fect!!! Beautiful pup!!! [sic]”, said a third social media user.

A fourth person wrote: “Omg I’m in love! Stop it!”

Another Tiktok user joked: “Ooh I need to book an appt asap.”

Margot and her puppies Parker and Viola previously made headlines after Sabrina revealed how she spends £530 a month on food for her pampered pooches.

Pictured: Great Dane Parker

The trio collectively weighing over 29 stone and with paws bigger than Sabrina’s face.

She says the pack are more like “overgrown toddlers” than dogs – frequently sneaking food and snacks from the kitchen counter due to their height.

The influencer also revealed she has been forced to install child safety locks on all cabinets to stop them helping themselves to more.

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