Woman experiences paranormal activity inside abandoned home filled with dolls

A woman said she feared she was “not alone” whilst filming inside an abandoned property filled with dolls.
3 dolls line up on a bed in the abandoned property

A woman has filmed the inside of an abandoned home which was filled with discarded dolls – and claims she was in the presence of the paranormal.

Urban explorer Gabby, 24, from the US, found the creepy residence after a trusted friend shared the location with her and decided to explore the area with her friend Dan.

As she aims to ensure the US-based property’s safety, she has chosen not to disclose the location due to fears vandalism and further damage could be caused by those in the local area.

A doll lies in a disused pram in the abandoned property
A doll found on the property (Jam Press/@urbex_muse)

Inside, the group found an assortment of bizarre items such as personal belongings, as well as mason jars filled with various types of preserved fruits and vegetables in the basement – as well as a large number of dolls.

In the kitchen, there were letters, bills, photos and newspapers thrown around – suggesting the owners had to leave the home in a hurry.

After finding expired food in the fridge which dated back to the 90s, Gabby concluded that the home had been left untouched for quite some time – but soon, they discovered they weren’t alone.

“We entered the main bedroom which was decorated with an assortment of antiques and multiple porcelain dolls,” Gabby told NeedToKnow.online.

SVideo grab – Urban explorer Gabby’s video of the abandoned house with spooky dolls. (Jam Press/@urbex_muse)

“The dolls looked very dishevelled and were coated in dirt, which made them look exceptionally creepy.

“While we were sifting through piles of typewritten documents upstairs, my eyes were immediately drawn to a paper which had my first name written on.

“Shortly after, we walked down the hall and a shoe box caught my eye, which had my middle name on.

“I can’t confirm or deny this was a paranormal experience or simply a coincidence, but I have experienced some paranormal activity here before.

“My boyfriend reached to open a box in one of the main bedrooms, only to jerk back after feeling the pressure of someone grabbing his wrist.”

A doll sits in a cradle on the floor of the abandoned property
A cradle holding a small doll was found on the floor (Jam Press/@urbex_muse)

In a clip uploaded to TikTok, which has received 335,000 views and over 47,000 likes, Gabby takes viewers on a tour around the abandoned home.

She begins by panning across the main bedroom, which features a bed still made up and several dolls who are sat atop the covers.

While the walls are decaying and the floor is covered with dust, as well as rubble, the dolls appear intact.

The three dolls, who are all babies, are dressed in various dated garments, including red dresses and white stained overalls.

As the clip cuts, she reveals personal belongings such as a hairbrush, family photographs and a journal which has been left opened.  

A hairbrush sits on a dressing table, now abandoned
Gabby found a hairbrush amongst the personal effects (Jam Press/@urbex_muse)

Multiple rag dolls are pictured laying around the property, left fading away with no-one to play with them.

She ends the video with the text: “I don’t think I was alone.”

Users shared their reactions in the comments and while many were terrified, others claim the dolls were moving.

“I think I saw the dolls mouth move,” one viewer said.

Another person added: “That would be funny if they opened their eyes at the same time and looked at u lol.” [sic]

“Oh no we got to go,” someone else commented.

Another person added: “Why do I find the made bed unsettling?”

“How do you have the guts to do that?!” someone asked, to which Gabby replied: “I’m just brave I suppose.”

A coat stand still bears a hat and garment from the previous tenants (Jam Press/@urbex_muse)

Gabby described the visit as “intriguing” and “ominous” as she was able to envision the lives of those who once lived there.

She added: “Each room felt like a faded memory and with everything that had been left behind, I could almost envision.

“The dated feel of the decor and antiques made me imagine an older couple, however I was unable to look into the home’s history to determine who resided here last – or why the location became abandoned.

The bed in the property where the dolls lie (Jam Press/ @urbex_muse)

“I was most surprised by the fact there was still power, especially considering how decayed it was.

“Even from the outside, it was clearly abandoned with lots of vines and overgrowth obscuring the home’s view from the road.

“I was also surprised by the sheer amount of personal belongings left inside, including hairbrushes, clothing, instruments and of course, the eerie dolls.

“There was lots of peeling paint on the exterior, as well as dusty and debris covered floors.

“Large portions of the home were affected by water damage, leading to the growth of black mould.

“Both times I’ve explored this home, I’ve felt quite uneasy while upstairs.”

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