Explorer ventures inside abandoned UK fitness centre with murky pool and poo stench

The YouTuber said the the fitness centre also smelt like feet

A British explorer has left social media users “shuddering” after sharing the details behind one of his latest adventures – including a foul stench.

Daniel Sims, 33, recently visited the now abandoned Total Fitness centre in Huddersfield, later sharing his discovery on his YouTube channel, BeardedReality, where he has nearly 8,000 followers.

In the clip, which has left some viewers sick to their stomach, the explorer can be seen approaching the leisure centre alongside his friend, Mick.

The fitness centre was closed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic (Picture: Jam Press)

The centre, which includes a pool, was closed during the pandemic and has since been left to rot and the exterior has also been vandalised, with the building coated in graffiti.

The duo venture inside but are immediately struck by a very disturbing smell.

“There is a sewage leak and it stinks. It smells like poo,” Daniel says to the camera.

The pair then walk into a blue-themed foyer, scattered with paper and unused furniture.

Later, they come across a locked door, with the glass on the frame having been smashed in with a rake.

The real discovery, however, is the centre’s swimming pool, which was previously used for classes.

Peering inside, Daniel notices it is still filled with water, which has turned black and murky and has a “real smell to it” and later saying it “smells like feet”.

Once a social hub of the community, the fitness centre is now eerily quiet (Picture: Jam Press)

Continuing their tour of the downstairs, the pair explore the locker room and sauna before heading to the toilets, which appear to still be in good shape.

Despite having been abandoned, site is clearly very popular with visitors; Daniel and Mick bump into two other explorers at the centre.

He shared the video on his YouTube channel – leaving social media users shocked at the state of the once thriving pillar of the community.

One YouTube user said: “Shuddering that’s gonna need more than disinfecting.”

A second person commented: “F***ing hell, feels like a shame. Was a really decent gym a couple years ago.”

The water in the pool has turned black and murky (Picture: Jam Press)

A third viewer added: “I worked on reception there for years. Best days of my life. Good team and good members. Seems such a shame to see it run down and vandalised.”

Another social media user wrote: “This was my childhood,” prompting Daniel to respond with: “Aha and now it’s sewage [sic].”

Someone else commented: “Breaks my heart. I was a member of this gym for over 15 years.

“I hope the regulars found an alternative and the staff and personal trainers were able to get work elsewhere.”

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