‘I ate kebabs, pizza and fatty takeaways all the time – my body was in unbearable pain’: Woman loses almost SIX stone to ‘get life back’.

A woman who survived on a daily diet of takeaways including kebabs and pizza has lost almost six stone after years of her body being in “unbearable” pain.

A woman who survived on a daily diet of takeaways including kebabs and pizza has lost almost six stone after years of her body being in “unbearable” pain.

Nicola Parkin started struggling with her weight after the stresses of marriage and motherhood took over her life, with her weight ballooning to 19 stone at her heaviest.

The mum was often in pain, including having intense periods, which only fuelled her comfort eating.

When she became “scared to leave the house”, the 43-year-old, who is married to husband Barry, 56, knew something had to change.

Pictured: Nicola Parkin before her weight loss in 2019. (Credit: Jam Press)

“I was miserable every day,” the mum, from Nottinghamshire, told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I had tried to lose weight a few times but only lost around one stone until I gave up, as I struggled to cut back on overeating.

“So I began avoiding scales and bought bigger clothes.

“As things got worse, I comforted myself with snacking and often ate up to three takeaways a week.

“The painful periods, which were caused by childbirth and the subsequent weight gain, were horrible and would last up to three weeks at a time.

“The bleeding was so heavy, I became scared to leave the house and knew something had to change.”

She saw her doctor and had hoped to receive a “life-changing” hysterectomy, but was unfortunately not eligible due to her high BMI of 41.

Doctors informed the mum-of-one to daughter Courtney, 20, that she would need to get her BMI down to 35 in order to be considered for the operation.

Pictured: Nicola Parkin after her weight loss. (Credit: Jam Press)

In April 2021, Nicola decided to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle.

She said: “I was defeated and felt so ashamed that I had got myself to that point.

“Because I didn’t look in mirrors, take any photos or buy myself clothes, I didn’t think I was that big – but this was the wake up call I needed.

“Quickly, I became unhappy with my weight and how I looked, so I decided enough was enough.

“If I didn’t work on my body there and then, I knew I could kiss the operation goodbye.

“Soon, I started to shift the pounds after counting my calories – and it wasn’t easy, but I got there.”

To date, Nicola has lost 5st 5lbs, now weighing 13st 9lbs.

She focuses on maintaining a healthy calorie deficit while still getting the nutrition she needs (see before and after diet at bottom of article), and has gotten into regular workouts at the gym with a personal trainer.

Pictured: Nicola Parkin before her weight loss in the early 2000’s. (Credit: Jam Press)

Now, her friends and family regularly comment on her new look, with them noting the “incredible” difference.

Speaking about how her life has changed, she said: “I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved.

“I can finally go into high street shops and find clothes that fit, which I was never able to do before, as they didn’t stock my size.

“I have more energy than ever before and I feel like I have my ‘old’ life back, it’s liberating.

“If I have a bad day, I try not to beat myself up and start fresh.”

In February 2022, with a BMI of 30, she underwent the hysterectomy and is now living a “pain free” life.

Nicola added: “I go to the gym everyday and weightlifting has helped tone my loose skin.

“Both Courtney and Barry are super proud of me and everyone says I look like a different woman.

“I didn’t think about what I looked like much until I lost the weight and now I hate the way I looked before.

“Never give up, start small and don’t put yourself under too much pressure.

“I’m definitely done with the kebabs for good.”

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal with lots of sugar on top
Lunch: Pizza or sandwiches with crisps
Dinner: Takeaways or large home-cooked meals
Snacks: Chocolates, cakes or crisps

Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Small salad or mackerel on toast
Dinner: Salad, small home-made dinners with lots of vegetables
Snacks: Small amounts of chocolate, fruit or mixed nuts

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