Urinal added to national buildings ‘at risk register’

Taking the p*ss!

A public urinal has been listed on a national buildings ‘at risk’ register.

The gents loo was flagged as in need of saving as it faces risk of demolition.

Conservation group Save Britain’s Heritage said the Grade II listed structure was the oldest of its type.

It was installed in Norwich early last century.

The Gentleman’s Urinal has fallen victim to graffiti in recent years (Credit: Jam Press)

The graffiti-daubed urinal at the edge of the city centre has been listed by Norwich city council as being at risk.

Council officers said it was slowly decaying but did not consider it to be a priority among other historic buildings in need of repair.

The structure has been renovated over the years but persistent vandalism has posed a threat to its future.

It is one of 68 buildings recently added to the pressure group’s Buildings at Risk register.

There are currently 1,400 on the list.

The Grade II listed structure basking in the sunlight (Credit: Jam Press)

Others include the 130-year-old Withy Groves Stores in Manchester and Taunton’s Woodlands Castle in Somerset.

Buildings at Risk Officer Liz Fuller said: “SAVE’s Buildings at Risk register is in its 34th year and exists to bring disused historic buildings of all ages which could be repurposed to national attention.

“Nominated by our supporters, local campaigners, conservation officers and other heritage professionals, these are places that matter to us all and deserve wider recognition.

“The register is a national platform for raising awareness of neglected historic buildings and advocating their reuse as a means to ensure their survival.

“At a time when this is high on the nation’s agenda, finding sustainable new uses for historic buildings could not be more important.”

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