Brit finds huge stowaway African huntsman spider in suitcase after 7,000 mile trip

Spooky find

A Brit found a huge huntsman spider in their suitcase – after a 7,000 trip from Africa.

The 10cm creepy crawly was found tucked away in the luggage.

The spooked traveller had just returned from a work placement in Africa.

The critter had travelled 7,000 miles (Credit: Jam Press)

But when they arrived home in Edinburgh, Scotland they saw the long-legged insect staring back.

Luckily the spider was scooped up in a plastic box and the Scottish SPCA called.

The spider was collected on 25 June and is now in quarantine.

It will later be rehomed in Kent.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer, Catherine Atterton, said, “The spider was very fast, and about 10cm in size.

“Huntsman spiders are known for their speed and their ability to jump.

It will be rehomed in Kent after a stint in quarantine (Credit: Jam Press)

“So I was glad the member of the public had managed to contain the spider.

“Thankfully the spider was none the worse for wear after their long journey and was taken to one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres to quarantine.

“We’ve been liaising with our contacts and have a home down in Kent lined up with a specialist where this huntsman can happily live out the rest of their life.

“We know a lot of people find spiders frightening but, to the Scottish SPCA, they’re just another animal who needs our help.

“If anyone finds an animal in distress they should call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 for help and advice.”

Despite their often large and hairy appearance, huntsman spiders are not considered to be dangerous spiders.

They will usually try to run away rather than be aggressive.

They are usually associated with living in Australia, but some types of them are native to Africa.

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