‘I literally look like The Joker’: Woman left HORRIFIED after getting ‘trout pout’ from lip tint

A woman has gone viral on Instagram after revealing how a lip tint procedure left her “looking like The Joker”.

A woman has gone viral on Instagram after revealing how a lip tint procedure left her “looking like The Joker”.

Picture credit : Jam Press

Alex Murphy, originally from Boston but now living in London, regularly shares funny clips of her life on Instagram with her 201,000 followers.

But things took a dark turn recently, as the 34-year-old shared the aftermath of having a beauty treatment.

Having felt self-conscious about her lips ever since she had a stroke 10 years ago, Alex booked herself in for a lip tint at a clinic in Hertfordshire to get her lips inked.

“It’s called lib blush and it’s basically a tattoo that leaves your lips coloured instead of pale,” Alex told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

Picture credit : Jam Press

“I’ve wanted to have this done for years.

“Since having my stroke back in 2012, my lips have never been the same.

“The colour has faded pale and in the winter they turn this ugly blue shade.

“So when I saw this lip blush option I had to give it a go!”

The procedure took around an hour and a half and Alex was pleased at first.

But she claims her lips soon swelled up and she was left looking like a “duck” or “The Joker”.

She added: “All went smoothly and it wasn’t really painful until the end.

“Straight after I was shocked.

“My lips had swollen and I looked like a duck!

“They told me that this might happen and I might look a bit crazy on the first day.”

Luckily, the swelling went down by the next day but Alex decided to share her experience – and photos of her huge lips – on Instagram(@almurph18 ) for a laugh.

Picture credit : Jam Press

“I don’t think you’re ready for this,” she says in the clip, before removing her hand, laughing and adding, “I literally look like The Joker.”

The video has over 148,000 views, 3,210 likes and plenty of comments from shocked users.

Anastacia said: “Haha I had that done last year and looked like I had a botched filler job. It was hilarious.” [sic]

Betsy commented: “Mine were like that at first but they go down loads within a day and the results are amazing!”

Carole added: “Babe that’s nowt compared to mine when I have them done I am bruised and bleeding.” [sic]

“Your so funny,” wrote JoJo. [sic]

“Trout pout, look out for hooks!” said Lorraine.

“Totally funny,” commented Stewart.

“Omg you crack me up,” said Karen. [sic]

Alex added: “It has calmed down now, today is day six and my lips look amazing.

“Nothing like they looked before, they look super natural and exactly what she said they would!”

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