Boxer short back and sides! Jack Grealish mocked for getting haircut in his PANTS


Jack Grealish has been mocked for getting his haircut while sitting in his PANTS.

The Man City and England ace had a trim and blond highlights.

But the 28-year-old only had a pair of white, Calvin Klein boxer shorts on under the red gown.

Treble winner Grealish – who earns £300,000-a-week at the Etihad – had his hair done on Monday by celeb barber Ahmed Alsanawi.

Jack Grealish had his haircut while sitting in his PANTS (Credit: Jam Press/A-Star Barbers)

One fan – named Andro – said: “Why is he naked while at a barber?”

Another – called Troy – added: “So no one is gonna talk about Jack’s underwear?”

Miguel Barajas defended the Premier League star’s choice of clothes.

“It’s more comfortable, and less dirty.”

Topless Grealish in his garden after his trim (Credit: Jam Press/A-Star Barbers)

But some eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot Grealish was in his OWN kitchen.

Ahmed had travelled to the footballers house in Cheshire.

Some of his man of the match trophies can be seen on the shelves in the background.

Another said: “He’s at his house.”

But one hairdresser – called Debbie – still thought it was odd.

She said: “I am a barber and there’s no way.”

Fans were mixed about his attire for a haircut (Credit: Jam Press)

Grealish – who cost £100million after moving from Aston Villa two years ago – then stood topless in his garden.

Zahra Wissam gushed over his new haircut adding: “Gorgeous.”

Ahmed – who used to be Chelsea’s official barber – runs A Star Barbers, in Chessington, Surrey.

He cuts hair for some of the biggest names on the planet including Erling Harland, Phil Foden, Paul Pogba, and Eden Hazard.

Grealish played in City’s 1-0 league cup defeat to Newcastle last night.

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