Cat found over 200 miles away from home 12 years after vanishing


A cat has been reunited with his family after being found over 200 miles away from home 12 years after vanishing.

Luckily for the missing moggy, called Butters, he showed up in the back garden of an animal control officer.

Dalton Churchwell scanned the feline for a microchip and learned that he had been reported as missing in 2011.

The cat vanished from owner Angelo Castellino’s home in San Diego, California, US.

He was found 217 miles away in Blythe in the same state.

Mr Churchwell, who works for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, then contacted the family, who had since relocated to Stanwood, Washington.

Angelo said: “It was just unbelievable.

“I’m so grateful to Officer Churchwell to have Butters identified.

“The officer just really went out of his way.

“You know, he did this on a Sunday night, on his time off.”

The ASK Foundation offered to pay for Butters to fly to Seattle to be reunited with his owners.

Butters being reunited with his family (Photo: Jam Press)

RCDAS volunteer Larry Rudolph accompanied Butters on the flight on 7 October.

He then handed the moggy over to Angelo and his wife Shelley.

The family said Butters is currently getting used to his new home alongside his brother Barnacles.

The Castellinos said they had no idea how Butters travelled so far.

A RCDAS spokesperson said: “The experience is a testament to dedication and teamwork.

“But also an important reminder to microchip your pet to ensure its return should it become lost.”

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