Woman called human ‘cyborg’ spends £150,000 to cover 80% of body in tattoos

A self-confessed cyborg reveals she has over 200 tattoos, with people calling her a robot due to her many implants.

A self-confessed cyborg reveals she has over 200 tattoos, with people calling her a robot due to her many implants.

Lina Lorenzen, a tattoo artist and model, has dedicated her life to art, transforming herself into a living canvas.

Previously hitting headlines for spending over £150,000 on her modifications, her controversial look covers over 80% of her body.

Pictured: Lina Lorenzen. (Credit: Jam Press)

Sharing her unique appearance on Instagram (@cigno.sg), she has gained over 1110,000 followers who can’t get enough of her look.

“People refer to me as a cyborg because of heavily my modified appearance,” Lina, from San Francisco, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I don’t have mechanical elements built into my body, however, I have not only undergone plastic surgeries but also had subdermal implants put under my skin to alter my look.

“My tattoos are heavily influenced by biomechanical art, a surrealistic style that combines elements of machines with organics, which definitely adds to the cyborgesque appearance.

“I feel as if we are all already cyborgs- our phones and computers being our extensions.

“My look is definitely controversially perceived; some admire, some envy, some dislike, some judge, and some feel inspired to get tattooed themselves.

“I have literally thanked haters for spending their precious lifetime to write me a long condescending message.

“That’s how you deal with haters – you kill them with kindness.”

Pictured: Lina Lorenzen before any body modifications. (Credit: Jam Press)

Among her many modifications are two sub-dermal implants in her forehead, forming horns.

She has no plans to stop her transformation here, aiming to cover even more of her body in ink.

She said: “I am going to finish my back piece and then fill in the few spots I haven’t covered yet.

“I don’t set myself any limitations so we shall find out where my tattoo journey is going to take me.

“I understand that I am pushing the limits of what is understood as acceptable in society and I love inspiring people to be fully and unapologetically themselves by being my most free and authentic self.”

Sharing a post on Instagram, she quickly gained over 1.2m views, 13,600 likes, and hundreds of comments from her dedicated fans.

Pictured: Lina Lorenzen. (Credit: Jam Press)

“All Class Beautiful,” said one person.

“Your a stunning ladie with cool ink,” added someone else. [sic]

Paul wrote: “Total work of art! You need to leave your skin to a modern art museum.”

One follower commented: “More tattoos and ink required – too many blank spots! Xx”

“Love all that ink,” another person said.

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