Influencer ‘possessed’ after playing with ouija board after buying it from market

An influencer’s eerie encounter with a Ouija board unfolds, claiming possession by a sinister entity named Belce, sparking concern among his one million followers.
The influencer who was 'possessed' after by playing with ouija board after buying it from market goes viral on social media.

An influencer has claimed he was possessed by a cunning entity after playing with a Ouija board.

Efrén Esqueda bought it at a local market and documented his experiences while playing with it every day for five days.

He shared his Ouija ‘experiment’ on social media for his one million followers.

Footage shows Efrén buying the Ouija board at Sonora Market in Mexico City, Mexico.

He explained in a follow-up clip: “The first day, it took a lot of work to get it to start moving, but little by little it happened.

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The influencer who was 'possessed' after by playing with ouija board after buying it from market goes viral on social media.
Efrén Esqueda buying his ouija board. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I want to confirm that it isn’t you who intentionally moves it, it is more like a magnet, it moves you.

“You only have to start it off with your finger.”

According to the influencer, he first managed to contact a spirit called Tamara who died in a car accident in 1956.

He claimed her soul was still in pain.

Efrén said: “I vaguely recall dreaming something about her, but I’d be lying to you if I could tell exactly what it was.”

After allegedly encountering Tamara, the influencer said that strange events began to happen around the house.

He explained: “Thing randomly fell to the floor, doors suddenly opened, mirrors dropped from the wall, among other things.”

On his final day of using the board, he claimed he could see a dark shadow while his physical state began to suddenly deteriorate.

Efrén claimed he felt tired, suffered from a severe headache, and that scratches appeared on his body without explanation.

However, the situation worsened when a scheming spirit called Belce allegedly entered his body.

He said: “I was able to attract a second entity, it wanted to play with me, calling itself Belce.

“I couldn’t get much information out of it, it didn’t want to provide me with anything.

“It just spelled my name on the board and gave me a date, which according to the entity, is when I am going to die.”

He added that Belce initially posed as his deceased granddad to gain his trust until finally possessing him.

However, he apparently lived to tell the tale in his testimony videos on TikTok.

One follower said: “Bro, I don’t know if this is real, but you’re entering very dangerous territory. It isn’t worth it.”

Another commented: “Ouija boards are real, as well as the consequences, take good care of yourself.”

“I hope you know how to close portals, if not, it’s worth it,” wrote someone else.

Another fan joked: “What surprises me is that ghosts speak all languages, hahaha.”

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