Cop-turned-ghostbuster prepares for surge of spooky callouts


Cop-turned-ghostbuster Chris DeFlorio is readying himself for a surge of spooky callouts as the summer comes to an end.

The ‘demonologist’ – who performs exorcisms across the US with his wife Harmony – said social habits start to shift in autumn, especially as Halloween approaches.

He said this change in energy often leads to “a Hollywood horror movie for many.” DeFlorio – who was an officer for the New York Police Department for 19 years – said many children start to venture into cemeteries.

DeFlorio offers classes on the dangers of Ouija boards (Photo: Jam Press)

Other youngsters play with Ouija boards and take part in dangerous online challenges when the cold weather starts to kick in.

As a result, he said he receives more spooky callouts in the first weeks of autumn than any other time of the year.

The ghostbuster, who operates the non-profit New York Demonic Investigation organisation in his home city, told Jam Press: “The main reason for the increase in calls is that this kind of activity depends mostly, but not always, on the attention it is given.

“So for example, as the seasons are changing and we head towards Halloween, the focus generally shifts towards ghosts, witches, and spirits.

“The idea of contacting the dead becomes a focus again, such as kids going to cemeteries, playing with Ouija boards, and taking part in dangerous challenges on social media.”

Tarot cards are another form of communication device often used by youngsters (Photo: Jam Press)

The demonologist added: “So the closer we come to 31 October, the thinner the veil becomes between our world and the spirit world.”

DeFlorio said: “Combine that with all the energy being focused in that direction and our side of the veil basically becomes a Hollywood horror movie for many.

“My wife and I are very busy, to say the least.”

To emphasise his point, DeFlorio shared several images of recent autumn callouts.

One photo shows an Ouija board shrouded in red light on a table.

He explained: “The Ouija board in the picture was taken two years ago.

“It was being used by three teenage girls at a cemetery on Halloween.

“Shortly after using the board, the girl who was in possession of it experienced two separate incidents of what looked like three men with hoods knocking on the front door at 3 a.m.

“The mother, who was a witness to this and very concerned for her daughter, called me and I came to remove the board.”

Chris and Harmony DeFlorio (Photo: Jam Press)

Another photo shows several tarot cards on a table next to a burning candle.

DeFlorio told Jam Press: A few years ago, some youngsters went to Sleepy Hollow in upstate New York to use those cards to talk to spirits during the Halloween season.

“A young man they met at the cemetery, who then decided to join them, became ‘demonically possessed’ during the event.

“The young girls ran away and never saw him again.

“A short time afterwards, I removed the tarot cards from their possession, but I was never able to get more information about the ‘possessed’ young man.”

The ghostbuster also shared a video of him educating a group of youngsters about the dangers of playing around with dark forces.

He explained: “The video was taken last Halloween. I did a community event for young people where I educated them about the dangers of using these communication devices.

“It was actually amazing because the next day I woke up to a bag full of tarot cards that one of the kids dropped off after the event.

“In the video, I’m talking to them about a case I had one year earlier.

“The family had to flee their home in the middle of the night because of malevolent attacks.

“They went back home the next morning to retrieve some clothing.

“The printer suddenly turned on, and on that piece of paper in the video, it read ‘go away’ down the length of the page.

“So Harmony and I really want to inform people, especially youngsters, about the dangers of messing around with the occult.”

The ghostbuster said his skills derive directly from his Catholic faith, medical and police training, and years running his NGO.

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