‘Ghost on horseback’ terrorises sleepy neighbourhood at night


A ‘ghost on horseback’ is terrorising a sleepy neighbourhood at night – prompting locals to claim it’s the Devil’s own personal steed.

An eerie video shows an equine walking along a deserted street while dogs bark from inside the nearby homes.

The horse doesn’t seem to be spooked by the howling pooches and calmly turns the corner and disappears out of view.

The cameraperson points out that it’s the early hours of the morning and claims that the dogs “know what is happening.”

Meanwhile, the horse’s hooves do not appear to make a sound as it walks along the tarmac.

The eerie encounter was filmed in the city of Ibagué, located south-west of the Colombian capital Bogota.

Uriel Vasquez shared the clip on social media where it went viral with 576,000 views and hundreds of comments.

He wrote: “Horse strangely goes out in the early morning to walk the streets.”

Vasquez included the hashtags ‘ghost’, ‘poltergeist’, ‘paranormal’, ‘Devil’ and ‘scary’.

Many locals believed that the video was genuine, commenting that the dogs seemed to know it was a supernatural steed with a ghostly rider.

Some even stated that it could have been Satan’s personal horse strutting the streets at night.

One local commented: “The dogs bark when the horse passes along the road and it doesn’t get scared. It’s not normal, it’s paranormal!”

Another user remarked: “I didn’t believe it until one day I woke up to the howling of the dogs.”

One viewer claimed that the horse became transparent when it turned the corner (Photo: Jam Press)

“My grandfather always said that if you see a horse at night, never try to catch it. When we asked him why, he said the Devil rides a horse,” claimed someone else.

Freddy stated: “It’s the Devil’s horse.”

Andri wrote: “When it passes the post, it looks like it disappears. It seems transparent. Did anyone else see it?”

Martinez said: “In Guatemala, we know it as El Cadejo. And it can take the shape of many animals.”

Celeste commented: “I’ve heard it in La Virginia Risaralda, always in the early hours of the morning and it sounds very scary.”

Jasbleidy remarked: “It is also heard in a small town called Casabianca, but darker, like its dragging chains.”

However, Danni said: “It’s just a normal horse.”

Simona wrote: “The horse walks around at that time because it knows there are no people in cars and it can be calm.”

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