Trucker hospitalised after ‘encounter’ with mythical ghoul that punishes womanisers


A trucker has been hospitalised after an alleged encounter with a mythical ghoul that punishes womanisers.

The 24-year-old fell ill after coming face-to-face with the female spirit.

It is known locally as La Sucia, which translates as The Dirty One.

The spooky ghost is said to put terror into the hearts of womanising men.

She is said to have long dark hair and scars on her face.

Promiscuous fellas are said to turn mad at the sight of her.

The victim, who appeared in some kind of trance, had to be carried off a pickup truck before being stretchered into the health centre.

The driver encountered a spirit known as La Sucia (Photo: Jam Press)

The unnamed lorry driver had the encounter in Trujillo, Honduras.

According to the myth, a beautiful local girl once fell in love with a Spanish nobleman.

She lived with her parents and helped out with the household chores, including washing clothes in the river.

When she was 15-years-old, the nobleman asked her parents for her hand in marriage and they accepted.

However, on the day of the wedding, the priest refused to carry out the ceremony because the bride was not baptised.

The young woman fell into a deep depression that nearly sent her mad.

She refused to take her wedding dress off and went everywhere with it on.

The young bride was sent over the edge when she was washing clothes in the river and learned that her Spanish nobleman was going to marry another woman.

The trucker was hospitalised in Trujillo, Honduras (Photo: Jam Press)

She is said to have run from the riverbank while screaming in pain.

The teen then jumped to her death from a nearby cliff, according to the legend.

Ever since the girl’s spirit is believed to wander the area in search of her would-be husband.

The ghoul is seen bathing in the lakes and rivers of Trujillo in the early hours of the morning.

She calls out to curious men who come across her until she manages to convince them to bathe with her in the water.

They are said to turn crazy at the sight of the ghost’s badly scarred face.

Some versions of the myth say the girl has the face of a horse.

There have been no further updates on the hospitalised lorry driver who allegedly happened across the girl’s tortured soul.

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