Five-foot venomous snake found hiding in family’s sofa – can YOU spot it?

A terrifying five-foot snake was found hiding in a family’s sofa – but can you spot it in the picture?

A terrifying five-foot snake was found hiding in a family’s sofa – but can you spot it in the picture?

It’s a seemingly innocent snap of a four-seater couch in a family home, but lurking under one of the seats was a large venomous snake.

The family immediately called a friend – Glenn Lawrence, known as Ozzie, a snake catcher – who came to their suburban residence in Cedar Vale, Queensland, on Sunday (5 March).

In a video taken at the scene, the snake can be seen wriggling across the floor of the lounge, rising into a defensive pose.

Pictured: The snake in it’s sofa hiding spot. (Credit: Jam Press)

Ozzie, who runs OzCapture Snake Relocations, said: “The customers came home after being out for the day, returning home late in the evening and sighted an eastern brown snake on their couch.

“The family did everything perfectly. They kept an eye on the snake the entire time, made sure children and pets were out of the immediate area and the children kept calm as did the parents/customers.

“Originally, it was just laying on the couch before going full Dora mode and go exploring.”

He estimates the snake to have been “between four and five feet”.

The Eastern Brown Snake is believed to have the second most toxic venom in the snake world, following the Inland Taipan.

Ozzie shared the video and pictures from the incident on social media, where viewers were horrified.

Pictured: The snake after it was encouraged to leave the sofa. (Credit: Jam Press)

Tony DeChellis Jr said: “Scary cr*p right there. Glad it was a happy ending.”

Jacqueline Lines commented: “That terrifies me.”

Laura Crowe quipped: “Next minute – house for sale.”

Jan Wilson joked: “Must have been something on Netflix he wanted to watch.”

Katie Reid said: “That is terrifying.”

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