‘I’m an astrologer – here’s what to buy for Mother’s Day according to the STARS’.

An astrologer has revealed the best gifts to buy this Mother’s Day according to the stars.

An astrologer has revealed the best gifts to buy this Mother’s Day according to the stars.

Inbaal Honigman, 47, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, works as a professional witch and astrologer for a living.

The mum-of-three has taken to the stars to determine the best gift for any mother to celebrate Mothering Sunday, including drawing on favourite colours and traits of the zodiac.

Inbaal, who is mum to Tove, 12, Vigo, 10, Zevi, 7, and Ludo, 5, is a Pisces, and says her preferences are totally determined by the aquatic sign.

The day starts with her husband Sean ushering the kids downstairs to make homemade cards while Inbaal enjoys a lie in.

Pictured: Inbaal Honigman with her husband Sean and children Tove, 12, Vigo, 10, Zevi, 7, and Ludo, 5. (Credit: Jam Press)

“When they’re happy with their creations, he’ll send them to our bed to get under the covers with me and give me lots of warm cuddles and kisses, and they’ll each hand me a card or a drawing, captioned ‘I luv u’ and ‘you’re my favourite parent’,” the mum told NeedToKnow.online.

“One or two of them will also be clutching a small present, like a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a bouquet of tulips. My husband will hand me something shiny in a square little case.

“The rest of the day will carry on as a normal Sunday, a playground for the kids and a cup of coffee for the grown-ups.

“It’s the perfect Mother’s Day for me as a Pisces mummy.

“Pisceans are really in their element when it comes to parenthood, and have no need for ‘me time’, preferring an extra cuddle with the kids.

“Not every parent would like my Mother’s Day morning, because not every parent is a Pisces!”

For mum’s born under other signs, Inbaal has given an insight into the best way you can celebrate them this Mother’s Day.

Pictured: Inbaal Honigman. (Credit: Jam Press)


Sign: Fire

Favourite colour: Red

Inbaal says: “Aries is an active and quick-thinking sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Ram are always on the go. For mother’s day they’d appreciate a gym outfit or new trainers as a present, and a good long walk together out in the elements.”


Sign: Earth

Favourite colour: Brown

Inbaal says: “Taurus is a calm and relaxed sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Bull love curling up with a great book and a cuppa.

“This Mothering Sunday, those mums would be hoping for a sturdy hardback, or a new ebook reader, and a few hours of undisturbed peace.

“They value quality, so their Mother’s Day chocs had better be from a luxurious maker.”


Sign: Air

Favourite colour: Turquoise

Inbaal says: “Gemini is an active and sociable sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Twins are chatty and friendly, and love keeping in touch with friends and relatives the world over.

“A new phone would be a fabulous present for a Gemini mama, and a nice lunch in the city centre, where she can run into half her friends.”


Sign: Water

Favourite colour: Cobalt

Inbaal says: “Cancer is a family focused sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Crab want to be surrounded by their children every day.

“An antique photo frame would be a lovely surprise for her, to place pictures of her beloved kids, or book a photographer session for the whole family.

“Take her out for a hearty lunch in a place that welcomes noisy families.”

Pictured: Inbaal Honigman with her husband Sean and children Tove, 12, Vigo, 10, Zevi, 7, and Ludo, 5. (Credit: Jam Press)


Sign: Fire

Favourite colour: Gold

Inbaal says: “Leo is a bright and sunny sign that values high-end quality. Mothers born under the sign of the Lion love luxury and the colour gold.

“Her gift doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be shiny. A delicate gold necklace with the kids’ names would be both gorgeous and meaningful, or a shimmery ornamental box to keep sentimental stuff.

“And do things for her the whole day, Leo mums like to be treated well.”


Sign: Earth

Favourite colour: Navy

Inbaal says: “Virgo is a neat and organised sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Virgin like a tidy space and want to know where everything is.

“A gorgeous handbag that fits their ‘always be prepared’ motto is sure to please this very capable mum. Or a pair of walking boots, because Virgo mums like practical things.

“Her Mother’s Day outing would be a long muddy walk with the kids and the dog.”


Sign: Air

Favourite colour: White

Inbaal says: “Libra is an elegant, home-loving sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Scales like having a good routine and lots of matching accessories.

“Taking notes and making lists are practically a hobby for this mum. A box of matching stationary from the kids, and matching luggage from the grown ups, and do not forget the flowers, a sensational bouquet of blooms is important to the elegant Libra mum.”


Sign: Water

Favourite colour: Purple

Inbaal says: “Scorpio is a mysterious, unpredictable sign, and are therefore not easy to shop for. Mothers born under the sign of the Scorpion will go through stages and phases, changing homes and switching hobbies.

“Show them you know them with a statement piece for the home, like an antique mirror or even a first edition of their favourite book.

“The Scorpio mum may not seem impressed, but that’s just her expression. She’ll be deeply moved on the inside.”


Sign: Fire

Favourite colour: Magenta

Inbaal says: “Sagittarius is a fun-loving, free-spirited sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Archer are naturally playful and want to have a fun day with their kiddos, whatever their ages.

“A gift that reminds them of holiday is the best – a new swimsuit or even a weekend away. If it feels like freedom, the Sagi mum will love it.

“And speaking of freedom, her Mother’s Day lunch will be a little late. She’ll decide where to go in the morning, but everywhere has been booked in advance.”


Sign: Earth

Favourite colour: Black

Inbaal says: “Capricorn is a practical and generous sign. Mothers born under the sign of the Sea-goat are always busy, and take care of their kids and their job, as well as exercise and look incredible while doing all these things.

“Capricorn mums like a bit of luxe, so a beautiful slice of designer jewel, or a new luxury hair style are the kind of thing that would delight a Capricorn mummy. She likes to give big gifts and should receive even bigger.”


Sign: Air

Favourite colour: Aqua

Inbaal says: “Aquarius are good listeners, so mothers born under the sign of the Water-bearer always bring you the perfect present that you hinted about, and you would want to repay the gesture by finding them something amazing!

“A good gift for Aquarius mummy would be show tickets or a hot air balloon ride – an experience over an item. They value their alone time, so treating them to a spa day or tea for two somewhere fancy would make them feel like you truly know them.”


Sign: Water

Favourite colour: Silver

Inbaal says: “Pisces is romantic and intuitive. Mothers born under the sign of the Fish care about feelings, and don’t worry about possessions.

“Impress a Pisces mummy with something you made for her all together, like a painted plaster print of the kids’ feet that she can hang on the wall, or something you will make with her, like a chocolate-making workshop.

“Pisces mamas love going out for a Mother’s Day meal together, but it can be your usual family spot, don’t sweat it.”

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