Adventurous cat ended up making a 140-mile round trip after jumping into two strangers’ cars

He was after a furr-ari

An adventurous cat made a 140-mile round trip across the country – after jumping into two strangers’ cars.

Cheeky Sox managed to sneak into the back of two separate vehicles in his quest for wanderlust.

The curious moggy has previously been spotted entering a school, kebab shop – and has even snuck into a nightclub.

Neighbour Martin drove to pick up Sox from London last week (Credit: Jam Press)

In his latest escapades the ginger tabby travelled from Herne Bay to a nearby seaside town of Whitstable, both Kent on Sunday (11 Jun).

The driver took him to a nearby vets but he ran off.

He then hopped in the back of another vehicle heading to Wallington, south London.

Driver Jacqui O’Connor said: “He popped his head through the gap in the front seats whilst on the motorway home from a day trip and nearly gave me a heart attack and swerve.

“He had not made a sound.

In the back of a driver’s car en route to London having snuck in (Credit: Jam Press)

“My cat Marley literally cries the whole way to the vets and back which is about an eight minute drive from my house.

“But Sox didn’t make a peep until he popped his head around.

“Then laid back down and that was about a two hour drive.

“He’s had a lovely few days away from home, made some new friends and is due to be picked up soon. I’m so happy he is being reunited.”

Neighbour Martin Head, also of Herne Bay, drove to London after work to pick up the cheeky pet.

Owner Jessica is now grounding Sox.

Sox, pictured with owner Jessica, is now grounded (Credit: Jam Press)

She said: “My boy is home.

“I cannot put into words how thankful I am to Martin for driving for hours from work and stopping off to get Sox and also bringing him to me.

“Thank you once again to everyone and Jacqui O’Connor for taking such good care of him.

“He’s now grounded.”

Locals have lapped up the safe return of Sox.

Sara Hollister said: “He’s already planning his next adventure.”

Cheeky Sox has also wormed his way into a local nightclub in recent weeks (Credit: Jam Press)

Anne Russell said: “Glad he is home for the moment.”

Janet Ware added: “So pleased he’s home, little devil.”

Mick O’Shea said: “Top man Martin.”

Ken Guy said: “Fabulous news – special people came together and made this possible.

“Well done to all those involved.”

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