Extreme modification fanatic with over 300 tattoos to get WHOLE body covered in black ink

He’s planning on covering the un-inked parts of his body…
Tobias looks to the left and shows off his tattoos on his face and neck.

An extreme modification fanatic with over 300 tattoos has revealed that he intends to get his entire body covered in black ink.

Tobias Müller regularly hits the headlines due to his controversial look.

In addition to his variety of inkings, the 33-year-old also boasts a split tongue, four subdermal silicone implants and one permanent branding – even an implanted magnet and chip.

Tobias takes a selfie showing his head and neck which are covered in tattoos and piercings – including a black eyeball.
Tobias has over 300 “extreme” tattoos (Picture: Jam Press)

Previously, he revealed the hurtful comments received online about his look, as well as his girlfriend’s, Lena-Marie Duhn – with people calling them “mentally ill” and “crazy.”

But he’s ignored their words and now, in a bid to complete his next phase of transformation, he’s revealed his latest tattoo: blacked out earlobes – with the goal of covering any un-inked body parts in blackwork.

“I want to look more like a personal ideal of beauty,” the zookeeper told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I’m a fan of blackwork tattoos and I’ve got several spots on my body tattooed [like this].

“I saw pictures of black earlobes on Instagram and I really liked the way it looked – so I got one of my stretched earlobes tattooed.

“I also met one person at a tattoo convention who got it and I really wanted it too.”

Tobias rated the procedure, which was completed for free by Lena-Marie, a seven out of 10 for pain.

He claims the process was very “bloody” and his earlobe was so swollen afterwards, that he’ll need to stretch it again once healed.

Tobi's ear can be seen which is black and swollen, as well as wrinkled.
He claims the earlobe is so swollen, that he’ll need to re-stretch it (Picture: Jam Press)

In a clip, posted on Instagram, which has racked up thousands of views, he reveals the inking.

Tobias can be seen lying down with his eyes closed, as his earlobe is stretched and rubbed with the needles and black ink.

Finally, he reveals the finished product, which shows the bottom of his ear looking wrinkled and swollen.

Users have flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many asking about the pain.

“Looks amazing. How painful was that?” one person commented, with Tobias replying: “There are more funny things out there.”

It’s the first step in completing his transformation.

Another person added: “Really sick.”

“Looks great,” someone else said.

One user commented: “Looks great, does that hurt, or is it ok?[…]”

“I’ve also played with the thought before, but honestly I’m a little scared[…]” another person added.

Tobias, from Dortmund, Germany, added: “I want to get more of this ear tattooed black in the future and I want my other earlobe tattooed black too.

Tobi can be seen lying down as a person with gloves and blue hair moves the needle over his ear.
He said the process was a “six out of ten” on the pain scale. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I’m heavily tattooed and I think that most people [won’t notice] this tattoo.

“I love being able to change and shape my body according to my own wishes and also the new abilities I’ve gained, such as the mobility of my split tongue.

“Some ex-partners didn’t want me to live life this way, but now, myself and Lena-Marie can live exactly as we want with the full support from each other.”

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