The Beak-les! Police help family of swans cross road

A step-up from a pelican crossing

A family of swans were helped to cross the road by kind-hearted police officers…and they look just like The Beatles.

The birds were seen walking behind one another in a straight line as they headed towards the river.

It mimics the famous Beatles’ album cover Abbey Road – showing the Fab Four walking across a zebra crossing.

Authorities stepped in after they were seen wandering around a village by concerned locals.

Dashcam footage shows the eight swans crossing the road in single file (Credit: Jam Press)

Cops and rescue workers cordoned off the road in the bid to get the eight long-necked birds to safety.

Footage from the police car shows the swans waddling carefully in Pärnu, south of the capital Tallinn, Estonia.

Having crossed the road they were then ushered to a nearby beach where they continued to walk in a straight line.

Animal lovers praised the police work.

They made it over to the other side thanks to police officers (Credit: Jam Press)

William Locke said: “More proof that Estonia is one of the best countries in the world.”

Ben Liddell said: “Not just us that stops everything for swans.

“This calls for closer diplomatic ties.”

Eha Lepik said: “Many thanks to the kind police officers.”

They continued in a straight line towards the water (Credit: Jam Press)

Airika Põldoja said: “What a sweet thing to do.”

Local Heili Lõhmus said: “What a joy that they all made it to the river safely in the end.”

A police spokesman said: “Our Pärnu patrol together with the rescuers helped the swans to safely cross the Riga road and then the Liiv road, which moved purposefully towards the river and arrived there safe.”

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