UFO filmed hovering above cemetery


A bakery owner was stunned to spot a UFO hovering above a local cemetery while opening up his shop.

Daniel Rodríguez had just left his home when he looked up and noticed a large light in the dark sky.

He then realised the glowing object was not a star as he could see it moving in the sky.

In the video, the UFO appears disc-shaped with a grey circle in the middle.

The object was spotted hovering above a private cemetery in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina at around 6am on Sunday (17 Sept).

Daniel, who owns the La Alborada bakery, said he stopped his car in the middle of the road to film the suspected alien spacecraft.

He said: “The incident took place at around 6am on Sunday while I was driving my truck along Martín Rodríguez Street near the Campo Dorado private cemetery.

“I suddenly saw an object that was giving off light and was illuminating the sky.

“At the same moment I started recording it, the object started moving.

“It was clear that it was not a star, as I thought at first, but rather a UFO.

“I’ve been talking about this at home ever since I saw it.

“The question I keep asking myself is ‘Why did I stop recording it?’

“When I took my eyes off the phone, the UFO suddenly disappeared.”

The UFO was spotted hovering above a cemetery in Argentina (Photo: Jam Press)

After viewing Rodríguez’s video, local ufologist Alejandro Di Notto said he believes the object was indeed a UFO.

He stated: “From what I was able to observe, it had the aspects and characteristics of a UFO.

“Just as Earthlings have a variety of different car models, they [alien beings] also have different types of transportation with different geometric features.

“They arrive for various different reasons.

“If someone is frightened about this and think they come here to invade us, as it has been said many times, a lot of years have passed where this has not happened.

“It depends on each case. If someone finds peace or some kind of telepathic message, that means it’s a positive visit.

“It depends on who’s piloting the ship.

“Sometimes they show themselves, and sometimes they don’t.”

He added: “People have to be open to these phenomena because we are not alone in this dimension.”

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