Brave man crosses ‘most dangerous’ bridge in the world


A brave man has crossed a bridge dubbed the ‘most dangerous’ in the world.

Rama Jutgla – aka Ramilla de Aventura – took on the suspension crossing over a lake.

The bridge has huge gaps between the wooden panels and it sways.

It spans the 2,000m wide Borith Lake in the northern Pakistani region of Hunza.

The video shows the Spanish influencer looking across the overpass – called the Hussaini Suspension Bridge.

It is reminiscent of the rickety footbridge Indiana Jones has to cross in Temple of Doom.

The caption reads: “POV: You’re crossing the scariest footbridge in the world.”

Rama, 24 – who was born in Scotland but raised in Granada, Spain – says: “It’s a bridge that few tourists dare to cross but that many locals have to use every day to get home.

“Damn, it sure looks bad.”

The bridge spans Borith Lake in the Pakistani region of Hunza (Photo: Jam Press)

The travel influencer – who boasts over 500,000 followers on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram – then tentatively walks across the swaying bridge, situated high above a rushing river.

He says: “This one moves a lot, I don’t want to do anything stupid, I always need to support myself on top of one of these iron supports.”

Rama then rocks from side to side on the bridge, showing how apparently unstable it is.

He explains: “This bridge is for the local people who live over there, it is the only form of communication they have.”

Rama adds: “They also said that, apparently, several people have died on this bridge.”

Rama Jutgla, who was born in Scotland, boasts over 500,000 followers (Photo: Jam Press)

The clip has been viewed nearly 100,000 times on Rama’s TikTok channel.

One viewer commented: “If I saw this, knowing what I’m like with heights, I’d be paralysed.”

Another said: “It looks like one of the Crash Bandicoot levels hahaha.”

Someone else wrote: “Reminds me of the bridge in Shrek.”

Eli remarked: “Wow I have to see that.”

Mark commented: “He said ‘I don’t want to be stupid’ and then ends up shaking it.”

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