Studio flat costing £750-a-month has toilet, shower, kitchen and bed all in one room


A studio flat has gone on the market – with the toilet, kitchen and bed within touching distance of each other.

The pokey rental has everything all in one room.

It is only suitable for one tenant which is no surprise.

Not enough room to swing a cat (Credit: Jam Press)

In the kitchen area, the renter is greeted with a few cupboards and an under-the-counter fridge.

There is no cooker or induction hob to heat up food.

An exposed toilet is just a couple of metres away from where the renter will prepare food.

The sink hovers over the carpet.

The shower is snuggly tucked away in the corner.

The sink hovers over the carpet in the poky flat (Credit: Jam Press)

In a bid to create space, the room has a high sleeper bed.

Going to sleep the tenant will be just inches away from touching the ceiling.

There doesn’t seem to be any cupboards for storage in the room for clothes.

In the corner, there is a small flatscreen TV mounted to the wall.

The £750-a-month room, in Walthamstow, east London, includes all bills apart from the internet.

A sorry looking flatscreen TV hangs in the corner (Credit: Jam Press)

But a £1,500 deposit is also required.

The property is listed with Murray Commercial Limited estate agents on Rightmove.

The property description reads: “Small single studio suitable for one person.

“Newly refurbished, inclusive of all the utility bills, apart from the internet.

“Two months upfront rent.”

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